Congress is taking action to prevent artificial intelligence (AI) from ever having access to this one deadly weapon

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Artificial intelligence became a reality before most Americans even realized it was in development.

Tech leaders have been trying to warn us for a very long time that it could have horrific implications.

And Congress is taking action to prevent Artificial Intelligence (AI) from ever having access to this one deadly weapon.

Musk visits the Capitol to urge lawmakers to put regulations on use of Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is quickly hitting the mainstream and most people are just now realizing what it could mean for the future of mankind. Tools like ChatGPT can be entertaining and useful, but the possibilities of AI don’t stop at simple language models.

AI will be used to automate a variety of industries and help business leaders make major decisions in dire circumstances. It will change the way that the world works, and at this point we are facing a snowball rolling down a mountain at breakneck speed.

While some tech leaders have called for a pause on development of such programs, it is impossible to enforce, and it may already be too late. That’s why people like Elon Musk are calling for strict regulations to be put in place. 

Musk visited Capitol Hill last week to discuss this technology with lawmakers and it seems they are already heeding his warning.

Legislation proposed to stop AI from “deploying nuclear weapons without a human chain of command”

A bipartisan group in Congress proposed the Block Nuclear Launch by Autonomous Artificial Intelligence Act this week to place guardrails on what the government can use AI for. They say it’s necessary to protect our national interests and the safety of everyone on the planet.

“While U.S. military use of AI can be appropriate for enhancing national security purposes, use of AI for deploying nuclear weapons without a human chain of command and control is reckless, dangerous, and should be prohibited,” Representative Ken Buck from Colorado said in a statement.

Buck, a Republican, introduced the bill on April 26 along with two Democrat colleagues in the House and one in the Senate. He said he is “proud to co-sponsor this legislation to ensure that human beings, not machines, have the final say over the most critical and sensitive military decisions.”

This is all happening as we head into a potential new cold war with China.

Military personnel should “hold the power alone” to launch nuclear weapons

The United States has had a long-standing policy of “launch-on-warning” when it comes to nuclear strikes. If the military has a reason to believe incoming missiles are nuclear capable, then they must launch a counter strike prior to verifying a nuclear strike.

China has a similar policy in place, but experts fear the rise of artificial intelligence systems in the military could lead to a cataclysmic event. Senator Ed Markey said this is why we have to be even more cautious about the path going forward.

“As we live in an increasingly digital age, we need to ensure that humans hold the power alone to command, control, and launch nuclear weapons—not robots,” Markey said. He believes that humans should be “in the loop on making life or death decisions.”

We live in a state of perpetual political division, and if nothing else, people should be happy that lawmakers are addressing such a critical issue.

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