Congress just required the Defense Department to investigate this shocking 1945 crash in New Mexico

For years it’s been covered up by the government.

And millions of Americans have questioned just what really happened.

Now Congress just required the Defense Department to investigate this shocking 1945 crash in New Mexico.

Large numbers of Americans, and people from around the world, have flocked to Roswell, NM through the years.

Many of them believe the notorious Area 51 is the U.S. government’s “UFO facility.”

The government has done itself no favors by ignoring, covering up and keeping the lid on what activities may or may not be going on in Area 51.

Most of the UFO claims are based on a famous crash landing of an unidentified flying object near Roswell in 1947.

But the latest investigation focuses on a crash in New Mexico two years prior in 1945.

Throughout the years the U.S. government has refused to divulge any information about this crash.

Witnesses say they saw an avocado shaped object crash into the desert, and many believe Area 51 is where that particular UFO has been housed all these years.

The government has claimed UFO believers are just another cult of conspiracy theorists.

But as we’ve seen recently, many of these “conspiracy theories” are now being proven true.

We may soon find out if that is the case with Area 51 as well.

That’s because an amendment added to the National Defense Authorization Act last year requires the Department of Defense to review all historical documents related to the alleged 1945 UFO sighting. 

The All-domain Anomaly Resolution Office (AARO), created in July 2022 to investigate what the government now calls “unidentified anomalous phenomena that may pose a threat to national security” will head up the investigation.

Recently on Fox News’ Tucker Carlson Tonight former UK Ministry of Defense official Nick Pope spoke out about the alleged mysterious “avocado-shaped” object that crashed  77 years ago.

“This has been called the ‘Roswell before Roswell,’” Pope said, referring to the first widely reported 1947 UFO sighting in Roswell, two years after the first reported crash.

Pope continued, “It’s one of many UFO provisions in the new defense bill. The DOD must provide Congress with a list of everything they found out about this specific incident, but all other incidents and programs from January 1, 1945, onwards. And anyone involved in these programs or with information about it will be released from their secrecy oaths and nondisclosure agreements, and they’ll be able to testify to Congress about this.”

Host Tucker Carlson noted the alleged 1945 crash sighting was around the same time the U.S. detonated its first atomic bomb and suggested there might be some nuclear connection between the crash sighting and the detonation. 

Pope agreed, “That seems to be the case. And again, Congress is demanding answers on this.” 

But then Pope pointed out just how in-depth the UFO investigation would be.

“We had the latest report from the office of the Director of National Intelligence (ODNI) last week that highlighted the fact that there were several hundred more sightings being investigated – military sightings – than we’d heard of before. [It] talked about unusual flight characteristics and performance parameters of this. And yeah, we must get to the bottom of this UFO and nuclear connection.” 

The new ODNI report Pope was referring to states there were more than 500 reports of UFOs as of Aug. 31, 2022.

And now the U.S. government is investigating all of them.

The truth is out there, just don’t count on the government to tell it to you.

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