Congressman Jim Jordan had an epic reply to Pelosi’s January 6 Committee that has conservatives cheering

Amid crippling inflation on a scale not seen in forty years the Biden Democrats are wasting time on partisan political gamesmanship.

The Left would rather play political “gotcha” games than reevaluate their failed policies.

And Congressman Jim Jordan had an epic reply to Pelosi’s January 6 Committee that has conservatives cheering.

The Ohio Congressman denied the committee request to meet with him as part of an investigation into the January riot and denounced the partisan witch hunt as “outside the bounds of any legitimate inquiry.”

Jordan further maintains that he has “nothing to hide” and that he has “no relevant information that would assist the Select Committee in advancing any legitimate legislative purpose.”

Jordan called the committee a “partisan political charade” after Nancy Pelosi denied the Congressman and Rep. Jim Banks (R-IN) a seat on it.

The originally proposed 13-member committee devolved into one of seven Democrats and two Never-Trump Republicans all green-lit by Pelosi.

In a letter to Jordan, the committee asked for his “voluntary cooperation” with the investigation, asserting awareness of “at least one and possibly multiple communications” Jordan had with Trump last January 6.

During an appearance on The Ingraham Angle, Jordan criticized Democrats for their hypocrisy in suggesting that Republicans were violating Democratic “norms.”

“Just this past year in Congress, they’ve closed the Capitol,” Jordan argued. “They’ve enacted proxy voting. They’ve kicked Republicans off the committee. They wouldn’t let Republicans on the Select Committee. They’re trying to make D.C. a state, trying to end the Electoral College, trying to end the filibuster, trying to pack the Court, and finally the January 6th Committee has altered evidence and lied to the American people about that information.”

During an appearance on Meet The Press last week, Committee Chair Bennie Thompson said he would explore whether the committee could legally subpoena sitting members of Congress.

The committee has subpoenaed dozens of allies of President Trump but so far has not yet issued subpoenas to sitting Members of Congress.

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