Conservative commentator Benny Johnson just exposed the ugly truth about Target’s LGBTQ Pride section

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Conservatives are finally standing up to woke corporations.

The backlash against Bud Light forced Target to issue a cautionary response ahead of Pride Month.

But conservative commentator Benny Johnson just exposed the ugly truth about Target’s LGBTQ Pride section.

Target has lost over $100 billion in the past two weeks

Target has been in hot water with conservatives for a long time, but this year seems to be different. Their LGBTQ Pride section has been placed at the front of the store and features child-sized mannequins displaying trans-themed clothing.

Now the major retailer is getting hit with calls for a boycott following a grassroots campaign against Bud Light for similar marketing efforts. Target’s public relations nightmare has resulted in over $100 billion erased from their stock value in just under two weeks.

The pressure on the brand from the Right has resulted in some stores downsizing their Pride sections and moving it to the back of the store. The corporate offices issued a statement where they claimed that the move would be a chainwide decision.

But Benny Johnson visited his Target in Tampa, Florida, and exposed what is really taking place at the store.

Benny Johnson says Target is “lying”

Benny Johnson, a conservative commentator and journalist, posted a video to social media last week where he called out Target for not making changes to the Pride section in his local store. In the video, which was viewed over 6 million times on Twitter, he told his audience that “Target is lying to you.”

Johnson started the video by showing how close the Pride display was to the front of the store. He slammed the company for claiming that the section is “adult only” while showing that they are marketing “toddler gear” and onesies for children under 12 months old.

He also brought attention to products by the British designer Abprallen that openly promotes satanism. The Etsy page for the designer has been taken down, but pictures posted on social media show the brand promotes products featuring pentagrams, horned skulls, and trans ideology.

Then Johnson pointed out the decision to put this other display next to the Pride section.

Johnson calls on Christian influencer Joanna Gaines to address “satanic grooming of children”

Just a short walk from the Pride section was the Joanna Gaines Magnolia Homes display. Johnson said that he finds this “interesting” because she has a “very lucrative” agreement with Target and markets herself as a woman “who has Christian moral values.”

He seemed to call into question their status as “paragons of Christian entrepreneurship and family values.” He humorously pointed to an image of Gaines that seemed to be “looking across” to the Pride section full of “satanic imagery.”

Johnson finished the video by reminding his viewers that “again, Target is lying to you.” He also asked if Gaines and her husband Chip support “the satanic grooming of children.” This was an interesting move that could pull self-described Christians into the fray and force them to stand up to Target.

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