Conservatives are in stitches after this “woke” university hired this political hack

Over the years, many of America’s institutions for higher education have been transformed into socialist brainwashing centers. 

Instead of teaching students valuable skills and knowledge, many universities are instead teaching students Marxist fundamentals such as Critical Race Theory.

But now conservatives are in stitches after this “woke” university hired this political hack. 

The radical Left has infiltrated and compromised most colleges and universities in America

The sad truth is that most of America’s institutions for higher learning have been completely overrun with radical leftists. 

Students are no longer being taught useful skills and knowledge about their respective fields of study, but rather far-left ideology. 

Ivy league schools, which are all located in the American northeast, are typically the most egregious offenders. 

One such Ivy League school, Columbia University, just proved this by hiring none other than former Secretary of State and failed Presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton. 

Hillary Clinton has been hired by Columbia University as a “professor of practice at the School of International and Public Affairs and as a fellow at Columbia World Projects.”

According to Columbia president Lee C. Bollinger, “I have had the great pleasure of knowing Hillary personally for three decades, since her early days as first lady of the United States.”

He then went on to say, “Given her extraordinary talents and capacities together with her singular life experiences, Hillary Clinton is unique, and, most importantly, exceptional in what she can bring to the University’s missions of research and teaching.”

Politically-motivated moves such as this one are exactly why many Americans are losing trust in America’s institutions for higher education. 

Hillary Clinton was undoubtedly one of the most scandal-plagued Secretary of States in American history, and her tenure as Secretary of State was filled with one failure after another. 

Perhaps Hillary Clinton will give a lecture about her failures in Benghazi. 

This move by Columbia University reeks of corruption and favoritism but is unsurprising for an institution that is as far-left as Columbia. 

Corrupt elites like Hillary Clinton should not be brainwashing America’s youth with their lies. 

It is time for Americans to start rejecting the many far-left colleges and universities

Over the last several decades, more and more young people have started going to college and the results have been devastating. 

These days many newly graduated adults are staying at home, often working at jobs that they are underqualified for with massive amounts of student debt. 

Government schools must stop pushing the narrative that going to college is the only acceptable outcome, and instead, start encouraging people to pursue trades and other forms of education. 

America’s colleges and universities are more often than not inadequately preparing their students for the real world. 

Instead of teaching students the ins and outs of their desired professions, colleges are teaching students to hate America and hate each other. 

Marxist fundamentalism has no place in America’s colleges and universities, and it is about time that parents reject this out-of-control brainwashing from the radical Left. 

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