Conservatives are livid that Republicans are running scared from this key issue

Republican politicians are running scared, but sadly it isn’t that surprising.

After years of broken campaign promises, now that they have the ability to actually do something, many are looking for an easy way out.

And in the process they are letting radical Democrats control the narrative on this key issue.

Republicans are AWOL on the abortion fight

Conservatives nationwide lauded the Dobbs decision for it putting an end to the judicial tyranny imposed on the country since 1973 when Roe v. Wade legalized abortion-on-demand nationwide.

This has long been the goal of the pro-life movement, and now with the overturning of Roe the fight moves back to the states where so far Republicans are failing to put to action their campaign promises to protect pre-born children by ending abortion once-and-for all.

But in state after state, Republican legislatures are failing to enact strong bans on abortions.

And now, following Mitch McConnell’s lead, Republican candidates for higher office are Mitching out and completely running from the issue all together.

And in doing so they are allowing Democrats who support abortion up until birth, without parental consent and funded by taxpayers, to take the field entirely.

Republicans MUST fight back

Sadly, with the current state of our nation, abortion is a difficult political battle, but all things that are worth fighting for are typically difficult.

The fact is legalized abortion became the status quo for our nation in the wake of the Roe decision which, frankly, led to America embracing legalized abortion at a faster rate than it probably would have otherwise.

So, conservatives are now pushing back on decades worth of legal abortion propaganda that has infected every inch of our culture.

But that doesn’t mean the radical position of the Democrats is actually more acceptable to the American populous any more than an outright ban on abortion.

Poll after poll show that Americans are not keen on legalized abortion through all three trimesters of pregnancy. 

Americans favor some forms of restriction on abortion, not the abortion free for all world that Democrats like Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer and Massachusetts U.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren are trying to force on our nation.

A recent poll conducted by the Detroit News showed that over 60 percent of Michiganders opposed the repeal of parental consent laws, which require an adolescent to receive parental permission to have an abortion.

Some Republicans are fighting back on abortion

Thankfully, some Republicans are starting to call Democrats out for their radical pro-abortion vision for America.

Derek Schmidt, the Republican nominee for Kansas Governor, is calling out current Democrat Governor Laura Kelly for supporting abortion with no restrictions up until birth and being funded by taxpayers.

Schmidt made the point that it wasn’t Kelly’s abortion views on the ballot that were voted on (and defeated) this summer.

Kelly denies that she supports ending all restriction on abortions, but yet doesn’t give any specifics on what kinds of restrictions she would actually support. 

The fact is that she knows, and Schmidt knows, that the free for all abortion world that Democrats and pro-abortions are pushing is not popular in Kansas, nor is it popular in most states in America.

Republicans must put Democrats on defense

Right now, Democrats are controlling the narrative on abortion and Republicans running scared from the issue is only making it worse.

It’s time for Republicans to counter punch and force Democrats to defend the murder of a fully-formed child in the womb via legalized late-term abortion.

It’s time for Democrats like Gretchen Whitmer to be forced to clearly state her position on ending parental consent laws, taxpayer funding of abortion, and allowing abortion to happen without any restrictions or regulations, as would be the case if Proposal 3 on the Michigan ballot is approved by voters this fall.

Right now, Whitmer and others are just spouting off generic “I support abortion rights” rhetoric without having to get much into the details of what they support because Republicans are allowing them to hide the details.

But now is the time to force Democrats to reveal just how disgusting, indefensible, and extreme their views are on abortion so that the American people can see just how out-of-touch they really are. 

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