Conservatives are making their fury on the abortion issue loud and clear for everyone to hear

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The Republican Party is splintering as traditional conservative values are being thrown to the dust bin.

RINOs say that Pro-Life conservatives are to blame for the lackluster polling heading into 2024.

But conservatives are making their fury on the abortion issue loud and clear for everyone to hear.

Tim Scott confronts The Left on post-birth abortions by saying it’s “infanticide”

America is heading into another election season and that means the Democrats are on the war-path for abortion.

Following the overturning of Roe, Republicans have been afraid to address the topic.

But now that fear is fading.

And their fury is showing.

In an interview on Meet the Press, South Carolina Senator Tim Scott made it clear that Republicans need to embrace the conversation and show how far gone The Left really is.

“The fact of the matter is that every single Democrat in the Senate and the House have voted for abortion up until the day of birth,” he said.

“The former Governor of Virginia has said, even infanticide,” he added.

Host Kristen Welker pushed back by claiming that “Democrats don’t support” it.

But Scott didn’t back down and reminded her that “so-called” partial birth abortions were legal in Virginia until Youngkin was elected.

“Kristen, they’ve already voted for it,” Scott said.

Biden believes discussing details of abortion is a “trap” set by Republicans

President Biden is using the overturning of Roe as a cudgel, but won’t make any statement on what he does support.

Biden believes that choosing to say where he would draw the line is a “trap.”

And on a call with reporters in April, a Biden representative made that clear.

A reporter asked the spokesperson, “Whether there’s a cutoff for his support of abortion?”

“Is it still fetal viability?” the reporter asked.

The Biden campaign said, “The President believes that we should restore the protections of Roe, he’s been pretty clear, pretty consistent on that.”

“So, we aren’t going to fall on any traps that Republicans want to lay because that’s so far from reality,” the representative added.

But this isn’t a trap set by Republicans.

The American people overwhelmingly reject the idea of abortions until the day of birth.

According to a Harvard/Harris poll conducted in November, 73 percent of Americans think abortion should be limited to 15 weeks.

“They’re actually willing to kill babies.”

After dodging the issue, Conservatives are standing up for what they believe.

Former Republican Presidential Candidate, Dr. Ben Carson is encouraging his Republican colleagues to push back on The Left as we head into the fall elections.

“I think it’s very important in this argument to be vocal and ask questions of those on the other side, like, ‘Well, what is unacceptable to you in terms of abortions?’” he said in a recent interview.

Carson then hit them with a harsh reality.

“They have a hard time answering that question because they’re actually willing to kill babies that are viable outside of the womb—from six months of gestation,” he said.

Carson pointed to current laws supporting the claim that abortion is murder.

“If you murder a woman who’s pregnant, you get charged with two counts of homicide. Why is that? Obviously, our legal system recognizes life,” he said.

It’s time for conservatives to stop retreating on this issue and stand up for what they believe.

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