Conservatives are sounding the alarm over one proposal in Michigan that threatens the Constitution

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The radical Left is on a warpath to destroy our country and the Constitution.

Freedom of speech, religion, and self-defense are under attack at every level of government.

And now, conservatives are sounding the alarm over one proposal in Michigan that threatens the Constitution.

Michigan proposal seeks to criminalize speech that causes “severe mental anguish”

The Democrats have total control over the state legislature in Michigan. They’ve been using their unchecked power to push radical bills that receive limited public support into law. The latest proposal put forth by the Left in Michigan threatens to weaponize “hate speech” laws against the Constitution.

Conservatives are concerned that the move will help weaponize the justice system against dissenters and allow them to charge anyone who opposes the Left with felonies. They said that the move could have dramatic effects on preachers, teachers, parents, and politicians.

The bill, HB 4474, seeks to update Michigan’s Ethnic Intimidation Act of 1988 to include anyone who causes “severe mental anguish” to another person. This would make it easier to charge anyone with a hate crime if they’ve made any comments that could be perceived as intimidating or offensive.

Conservatives are warning that the bill is purposely vague and will lead to abuses of power.

Legal expert warns that the law is “vague” and will be “redefined by whoever is in power”

An attorney at the Great Lakes Justice Center (GLJC), David Kallman, said that Democrats are taking the state down a slippery slope. He said “words are malleable,” and if we aren’t careful, they are likely to be “redefined by whoever is in power” against the opposition.

“Under the proposed statute, ‘intimidate and harass’ can mean whatever the victim, or the authorities, want them to mean. The focus is on how the victim feels rather than on a clearly defined criminal act. This is a ridiculously vague and subjective standard,” Kallman told The Epoch Times.

He said that the way the law is written will lead to a total disregard for intent and people will be guilty based only on the perception of the victim. “The bill will lead to the prosecution of conservatives, pastors, and parents attending school board meetings for simply expressing their opposition,” he said.

The proposed legislation will carry heavy fines, prison time, or reeducation.

Offenders will be given the opportunity to attend a “Soviet-style dissident reeducation camp”

According to the bill, violators could receive hefty fines or prison sentences in the worst-case scenario, and in the best-case scenario they would be forced to “complete a period of community service.” The community service would focus on “understanding the impact of the offense” on the community.

The community service option would have to be done “with the consent of—and in support of—the community targeted in the violation.” Kallman warned that this would amount to “being sentenced to a Soviet-style dissident reeducation camp.”

The founder of GLJC, William Wagner, echoed Kallman’s sentiment by stating that the proposal would result in “self-censorship” and “chill” free speech. “Make no mistake about it,” he said, before adding that “those with an anti-Christian agenda will wield a weapon capable of extinguishing Christian expression in the state of Michigan.”

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