Consumers are in panic mode after Gavin Newsom’s latest move

The United States economy is a train wreck and the cause is actually pretty simple. 

Far-left economic and environmental policies have made manufacturing and transporting goods more difficult than ever, and American consumers are beginning to pay the price.  

And now consumers are in panic mode after Gavin Newsom’s latest move. 

Democrats are doing everything in their power to destroy the United States’ economy

Each and every day, Democrat lawmakers across the nation are unveiling new economic plans that will contribute to the United States’ declining economy. 

This is especially true in large, Democrat-controlled states like California and New York, whose economies have a major impact on the entire nation’s economic well-being. 

One of the most extreme policy proposals in recent memory just came out of California, and the impact will likely be very bad for the economy. 

According to the Wall Street Journal, the California Air Resources Board (CARB) has proposed a measure that would ban diesel trucks in favor of more expensive electric trucks. 

Starting in 2024, California hopes to begin phasing out older “big rigs” operating out of depots, ports and other hubs of commerce. 

And in 2025, the state of California would bar trucks powered by internal combustion engines that have more than 800,000 miles on them from operating at ports and rail yards. 

The state of California has already approved a ban on gas and diesel-powered vehicles by the year 2035. 

As you can imagine, the trucking industry is outraged by this proposal, rightfully pointing out that this measure would cause chaos in their industry. 

The short turnaround time does not give them the time they need to begin making these costly changes. 

Proposals like this one come at a very bad time, when many goods are still in short supply as a result of supply chain issues, many of which originate from California ports. 

California’s radical agenda will cause financial harm for all Americans

This proposal from the California Air Resources Board is nothing short of a complete disaster. 

The absolute last thing America needs right now is more chaos in the transportation industry. 

As it stands, most commercial goods are having a hard time reaching store shelves as a direct result of anti-business regulations, which limit automation at union-controlled California ports and rail yards. 

Adding even more red tape, especially ground-breaking measures like this one will only make things worse. 

There is absolutely no way that major trucking businesses will be able to phase out their massive fleets to favor electric engines by 2024, and even if they do it will cost consumers massive amounts of money. 

That means that basically, any goods that are transported by rail or truck will skyrocket in price, which is nearly every commercial good out there. 

This proposal from California once again proves that those on the far-Left are more interested in playing politics than protecting American consumers from out-of-control prices. 

Hopefully, this proposal will not go too far, but given California’s extreme past, that seems unlikely.  

Be prepared to pay even more for groceries than you already are. 

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