Covert attacks on government education in red states is exposed and parents are pushing back

Americans have heard for several years now that woke indoctrination is infecting government education across the country.

Many conservatives expect that these ideologies are only a problem in areas where Democrats have a lot of influence politically.

Now this new report is exposing how government education in red states is under a covert attack and parents are pushing back.

Group of parents are uncovering left-wing money that is funding woke ideologies in schools

A group of 26 parent-led organizations are blowing the lid off of a covert attack on government education in conservative held areas. 

They say left-wing groups are funneling money into their schools to push race-based education and other woke programs.

In an interview on Fox News the President of Parents Defending Education, Nicole Neily explained why parents are frustrated. 

She says they “are constantly being told there’s not enough money in our school system,” only to find out that new woke initiatives are happening “with our tax dollars.”

She also said “there’s also a lot of outside money coming in” to fund these programs and they want that to stop.

PDE along with their cohorts are accusing five foundations of attempting to indoctrinate their kids. 

They called on Chan Zuckerburg Initiatives and Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, among others, to stop meddling in their schools. 

They call the grants “troubling” and say schools need to get back to giving “practicable skills” to kids

In a letter written to the organizations they say that they find it “troubling that grants” provided by the accused foundations “are being used to advance these patronizing policies – particularly at a time when students are working to remediate the learning loss” from the pandemic.

The letter explains parents are tired of hearing the same story and want to see growth in “academic achievement.” 

They want their children to be “given practicable skills,” adding that “this money that’s going into the school districts from these philanthropic organizations could be put to better use.”

Kristen Stevenson, a mother of four, told Fox News that she’s “uncomfortable with a lot of the topics being taught.” 

She wants to know “where have the core academics gone, and how can we get them back?”

She’s concerned with the state taking over the role of parents. 

She said that schools do “emotional regulation . . . from step one to step ten” and that makes her feel like they don’t believe they’re doing this as a family. 

Palm Beach County government schools have received nearly $7 million in grants from social activist groups

One of the largest recipients, Palm Beach County has received nearly $7 million in grants from the groups in question. 

According to Parents Defending Education’s findings, the bulk of that money was specifically designated for so-called “social and emotional learning.”

The district denied allegations that they were teaching anything akin to Critical Race Theory in a statement following the revelation. 

They say “The District is committed to educational excellence” and that they “diligently adhere to the core curriculum as specified by the Florida Department of Education.”

Nicole Neily says they are using terms like social and emotional learning to cover for race-based theory. 

She says “a number of these programs . . . are actually being used to push a lot of identity based programming.”

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