David Beckham just added a shocking – and frankly, disgusting – item to his foodie menu delights

The globalist elites want to force everyone to do certain things to “save the world.” 

Of course, they’re not willing to do those things themselves – rules, after all, are for the little people.

That’s why David Beckham just added a shocking – and frankly, disgusting – item to his foodie menu delights.

The recent World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland was full of talk about bugs.

Not the listening devices, but the bugs that crawl around, and that the world’s global elite want to force you to eat them.

“Bugs. Lots and lots of bugs.”

Most people aren’t very interested in turning their kitchens into ant farms or in adding cricket “flour” to their daily diet.

That’s where the world’s leading celebrities come in, even if their fame was only from soccer.

Former England soccer star David Beckham is currently touring Mexico, where he took to social media to reveal a new fascination for a food rarely if ever found in the high-end restaurants he has been known to frequent. 

As reported by Breitbart, “Bugs. Lots and lots of bugs.”

The former soccer star, who is also known as a foodie, was in Mexico City where he embraced one of the city’s culinary traditions at a local food stall.

He was in the country with his wife and Spice Girl, Victoria, and his two children for the wedding of family friend, Marc Anthony. 

Beckham was one of the best men, while wife, Posh Spice, designed the bridesmaid’s dresses for the lavish wedding.

Beckham shared photos on Instagram with his 77 million followers.

Fresh guacamole, rice pudding, salsa, salad, and ground bugs

He showed the images of freshly prepared guacamole, rice pudding, salsa and salad, alongside a bowl of something most would find less than appetizing.

A bowl full of dead bugs.

The dead bugs – apparently added to sauces and cocktails by some in Mexico– appeared to be blended and ready to use on a varied collection of traditional Mexican dishes.

Beckham’s report of adding dead insects to a menu comes as the European Union (EU) has given the green light for two more species of insect to be used as food for humans.

Breitbart London reports a powdered form of the common house cricket has been given the green light for human consumption within the EU, according to documents from the European body. 

And school children in the UK have also now been singled out for a trial diet containing worms.

This will soon be followed across the EU by approval for the sale and consumption of the lesser mealworm.

Approval will be given for human consumption of the mealworm in frozen, paste, dried, and powder forms.

All of this comes as the world’s global elitists push to force more consumption of bugs in order to try and stop climate change.

The goal of the globalists is to shut down farming and other food production by replacing normal food items with bugs and plant-based foodstuff.

Meanwhile, it is highly doubtful Beckham and the elitists will be giving up their fine dining dinners consisting of decadently rich food like Lobster “Thermidor” with White Wine & Saffron Glacage.

After all, they don’t want to eat bugs, they just want you to. 

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