Deion Sanders is weeping over the latest devastating news about his son

7 Figure Squad, CC BY-SA 4.0,, via Wikimedia Commons

No one is having a better time right now in college football than Coach Prime Time. 

But all of his family’s success could be wiped out by some of the worst news anyone could ever hear. 

And Deion Sanders is weeping over the latest devastating news about his son. 

Deion Sanders is football

You will be hard-pressed to find someone who can have more fun in life than Deion Sanders. 

Nearly everything he touches turns into gold, especially in football. 

Few players even come close to having the stat lines that Deion was able to muster during his time in the NFL. 

In his 14 years in the NFL, he had a whopping 53 interceptions on defense. 

And Prime Time is also one of the best kick returners in NFL’s history, with 9 total touchdowns from kickoffs and punts. 

Overall, his success in the NFL earned him eight pro-bowl selections, two Super Bowl rings, one defensive player of the year selection, and a spot in the National Football League’s Hall of Fame. 

But lately, Deion has been showing that he is one heck of a football coach. 

Last year, he took over the Colorado Buffaloes and led the team to a 4-8 record. 

A 4-8 record may not seem like that amazing of a stat, but the year before the team went 1-8. 

His son Shilo Sanders was the team’s star safety. 

Game after game, he made plays that gave his team a chance to win. 

And with his success, Shilo garnered some massive NIL deals with companies like KFC.  

But Shilo’s life could be coming to a crashing halt. 

Shilo Sanders is in the legal fight of his life

The Colorado football star shocked everyone when the news started to circulate earlier this week that he was in a fight for his financial life. 

In 2022, a court judgment was ordered against Shilo Sanders in the amount of $11.89 million for assaulting his former high school security guard and old family friend, John Darjean, back in 2015. 

In 2016, Deion Sanders was asked about the assault by TMZ, which he claimed was all fabricated. 

Sanders told TMZ that “this man used unnecessary force to secure my son’s cell phone. He consequently felt ashamed of his actions and apologized to our President and CEO, Leroy McClure, for his actions. He knew he was gonna be dismissed from his job for the way he handled this situation and others prior, consequently, he produced an injury completely unrelated to this incident. To make matters even worse, I had coached junior high baseball with this man and I never knew he saw me as an opportunity or target. I thought I was a friend and coach.”

This past December, Shilo Sanders filed for bankruptcy protections and claimed that he only had about $800,000 in assets. 

But with NIL deals from KFC, Google, and EA Sports, how does the man only have $800,000 in assets? 

His assault victim is challenging Shilo’s claim.

Only time will tell how this turns out. 

But if the court finds that Shilo is lying and he has millions of dollars in assets, then he might as well kiss his football career goodbye. 

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