Democrat officials in one New Jersey city were humiliated after signing a trade deal with a fake country

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City officials in Newark, New Jersey signed an agreement, held a formal ceremony, and promoted the deal.

But there was a major problem.

And Democrat officials in one New Jersey city were humiliated after signing a trade deal with a fake country.

This is a story of government incompetence that has Americans everywhere in hysterics.

Of course, everywhere but New Jersey.

United States of Kailasa

The Democrat-run city of Newark, New Jersey, recently formalized its sister city partnership with the Hindu nation of Kailasa. 

Evidently, city officials did not consult a map, check with anyone who might know, or even do a Google search before inking the deal.

If so, they would have found out that “Kailasa” does not exist. 

Even worse, it is the invention of an accused rapist who has been on the run from Indian authorities since 2019 for child abduction and other crimes.

But now that accused rapist has a sweet deal with Newark.

And Newark residents are speaking out angrily about the Democrat officials’ hilariously failed foray into foreign policy. 

They are questioning whether anyone at City Hall is capable of even performing a simple Google search because that is all it would have taken to realize they were signing an agreement with a phony nation.

“The world’s sole beacon of genuine Hindu self-governance and autonomy”

According to its website, the so-called nation of Kailasa “is the home and refuge for the international Hindu diaspora. The nation of KAILASA stands as the world’s sole beacon of genuine Hindu self-governance and autonomy.”

The population of the fictitious nation the city of Newark had a relatively short relationship with is listed as “100 million Adi Shaivites; 2 billion practicing Hindus.”

The website claiming the nation had over two-billion people should have been enough to make city officials dig deeper.

But the fake nation has its own fake flag, phony emblem, national anthem, constitution, and even a pretend passport.

The man behind the whole thing is even more disturbing for Newark residents.

India Today reported that Swami Nithyananda, the 45-year-old con man behind the nation of Kailasa, is a self-proclaimed “god-man” wanted in India on several charges of rape and sexual assault.

Nithyananda is believed to have escaped justice in 2019 and made it to a private island near Trinidad and Tobago.

The accused child rapist refers to himself as a “Supreme Pontiff of Hinduism” dedicated to “giving superconscious breakthrough to humanity, which is physically demonstrable through various power manifestations.”

He was not lying

Nithyananda updated his Kailasa website to note that in January, “the United States of KAILASA and the City of Newark, New Jersey, USA, entered into a protocol bilateral agreement.”

Unlike almost all of his other claims, the accused rapist was not lying about this one.

He even included on his website a number of images of Democrat Mayor Ras J. Baraka and other city officials celebrating the signing of the agreement in the company of purported Kailasa dignitaries at Newark City Hall.

In his announcement of the agreement, Nithyananda said that “today indeed marks an important beginning of collaboration between the United States of KAILASA and the City of Newark to further advance the broader bilateral agenda for a greater vision of world peace. With this protocol bilateral relations KAILASA looks forward to bringing its humanitarian services to the city of Newark and serving its community.”

During the ceremony, Mayor Baraka said “I pray that our relationship helps us to understand cultural, social and political development and improves the lives of everybody in both places, and helps us to understand where we are and who we are and our connectivity to one another, and helps us to become better people in this process — better people individually and as cities and nations.”

Residents of the New Jersey city were not happy.

Jacob Rosario told WCBS-TV that the incident was “very embarrassing for the city.”

“I truly don’t even have words for it,” resident Atiyah Harris said.

“Whose job was it to do a simple Google search? No one in City Hall, not one person did a Google search, so maybe we need a transformation of City Hall because not one person said, ‘let me go and Google and figure out this was a fake city,’” Newark resident Shakee Merritt told WCBS-TV.

In even more amazing news, Newark Mayor Ras Baraka is supposedly often mentioned as a potential candidate for Governor in 2025. 

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