Democrat voters in Pennsylvania re-elected one politician. Shockingly, it’s even more embarrassing than Fetterman

Conservative commentators and politicians alike were blown away when the Democrats decided to keep John Fetterman in the U.S. Senate race after his debilitating stroke.

It was even more surprising that he won despite the trainwreck of a debate performance against Dr. Oz where he proved he couldn’t even string together coherent thoughts.

But Democrat voters in Pennsylvania re-elected one politician. Shockingly, it’s even more embarrassing than Fetterman.

Pennsylvania stunned the world by electing John Fetterman despite his obvious health struggles

Everyone thought there was no way that John Fetterman should be running following his massive stroke earlier this year that led to a very unfavorable health condition.

Fetterman debated Dr. Oz and showed how badly he was affected by the stroke. 

He can’t even comprehend spoken words and has to have everything written out by a closed caption program.

This led to pollsters shifting their expectations from a Fetterman win to an Oz win. 

Unfortunately, the state of Pennsylvania showed that they were more concerned about party affiliation than the candidate’s ability to perform his role.

When election day came, the unthinkable happened, and Fetterman beat Oz leaving many wondering what the people of Pennsylvania were thinking.

But this wasn’t the craziest election result that came out of Pennsylvania.

Even more shocking – Pennsylvania’s Democrat voters elected a deceased candidate

Longstanding Democrat Pennsylvania State Representative, Tony DeLuca, died on October 9 and was still reelected in a landslide on election day.

DeLuca passed away from lymphoma, which he had been fighting for years. 

His death came too late to make changes and the Democrat Party was forced to go ahead with him on the ballot. 

Then it happened. 

Democrat voters in Pennsylvania actually elected a dead guy. 

Pennsylvania House Democrats released a statement that shockingly praised the voters. 

They said they “are proud to see the voters to continue to show their confidence in him and his commitment to Democratic values by re-electing him posthumously.”

It was really embarrassing to hear that not only did Pennsylvania Democrats elect Fetterman but DeLuca as well.

Some conservatives have made jokes about the Democrat base having something in common with a deceased candidate. 

Others have pointed out how unbelievable it is. 

It could just be that low-information voters turned out in droves.

Local reporter claims voters chose a special election not a deceased candidate

A local reporter, Charlie Wolfson tried to explain. 

He says that some voters here were “completely oblivious” to the death of DeLuca. 

However he is more convinced that people were pushing back against the third party candidate.

His only opponent in the race was a radical green party member who was pushing for the Green New Deal and establishing abortion-on-demand as the norm. 

Wolfson argued that the voters weren’t excited for their options but “preferred the idea of a special election” than electing DeLuca’s radical opponent.

His opponent castigated the voters for “Voting ‘safe’” and said that it was a shame how they voted to have no representation for the district. 

Apparently, she didn’t like the idea of a special election.

This election may have proven that Democrats are the party of low information voters.

Or, it may have been a total rejection of Green New Deal and extreme pro-abortion politics.

Either way, Pennsylvania is safer with a deceased candidate than a radical Green Party member in office.

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