Democrats are cringing after President Biden dropped this bombshell announcement

Joe Biden’s best days are clearly behind him. 

The guy can barely string a sentence together anymore and needs notecards from his staff telling him WHEN and WHERE to sit (one declared, “YOU take YOUR seat.”).

Now Democrats are cringing after President Biden dropped this bombshell announcement.

Joe Biden decides to run for re-election

According to the Rev. Al Sharpton, the controversial founder of the National Action Network, President Biden informed him of his intention to run for re-election in 2024.

“I’m going to do it again,” said Biden as he was posing for a picture with Sharpton.

Biden has consistently hinted at his intention to run again, but this latest admission to Sharpton was the clearest message about his plans for 2024.

This comes as Democrat politicians across the nation refuse to state clearly whether they would like to see him run for President in 2024 and whether or not they would actually support him.

Democrats are fleeing from Joe Biden

President Biden’s approval numbers remain well below 50 percent in nationwide polling and is consistently underwater in key swing states like Michigan, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania, leading many Democrat politicians in those states and elsewhere to conveniently leave out any mention of their support of Joe Biden in their campaign material.

Of course, there are the rare odd balls like Democrat Governor of Michigan Gretchen Whitmer who literally held hands with Joe Biden during his recent visit to the Great Lakes State and has repeatedly said that she would do anything for him.

Surprisingly enough, even Whitmer refused to clearly state whether Biden should run again in 2024.

A poll conducted by CNN this summer showed that 75% of Democratic voters want someone other than Joe Biden to run in 2024.

High-ranking Democrat officials from Senator Joe Manchin of West Virginia to Congressman Jerry Nadler of New York are mum when it comes to giving a response to the question of whether or not they would support Biden in 2024.

Biden is a liability for Democrats and they know it

From his incoherent ramblings, destructive economic policies and now a bizarre speech declaring half the nation enemies of the state, Joe Biden is like an albatross tied around the necks of the Democrat Party electorally speaking, if Republicans can be wise enough to use it.

But sadly Republicans are seemingly fumbling away a perfect opportunity to destroy the Democrats this year as they play coy defense on controversial issues instead of embracing the challenges.

The Democrat Party under Joe Biden’s tutelage has radicalized to a point previously not thought possible.

While the mainstream media foams at the mouth over conservatives fighting culture wars, Republicans are being too timid in their response to the absurdity that has been unleashed by the Biden administration and Democrats across the country.

This is why Democrats have been continuously dredging up stories about Donald Trump and forcing Republicans to play defense instead of continuing to attack Democrats and Joe Biden.

With how unpopular Joe Biden is, there is no excuse for this not to be a wave year for Republicans, but it’s yet to be seen if the GOP will actually take the bull fully by the horns instead of pussyfooting around and playing cute with the corporate-controlled media.

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