Democrats are focusing on this one issue in hopes of pulling off a major upset in the Midterms

Everyone knows that major cities like Baltimore, Chicago, and New York City are seeing a massive uptick in violent crime.

Democrats realize that the Left’s push to “defund the police” is a serious political liability.

Now Democrats are focusing on this one issue in hopes of pulling off a major upset in the Midterms.

Democrats claim it’s too easy to get a gun in America

There’s been a disturbing rise in crime over the last two years and it’s due to a wide range of factors.

The Left’s push to “defund the police” is an obvious factor.

But increases in housing costs, job losses over the COVID-19 pandemic, and pandemic-related isolation are just some of the other underlying causes.

Another major cause would certainly be the extreme-left Mayors who run these cities and their pro-crime policies toward violent crimes.

But some Democrats are claiming these crime spikes are because people can get their hands on firearms much too easily.

A national gun control group called Everytown for Gun Safety Action Fund, founded by ex-NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg, is pushing that narrative hard.

Meanwhile, the GOP is repeatedly whacking Democrats for the disturbing crime spikes in a number of television ads, which have run across the nation over the last month.

As Democrats pushed hard to defund the police in recent years, they’re only now realizing the tactic is starting to backfire on them politically.

Now they want to convince the American people that easy access to guns is what’s really to blame.

Senior political advisor to Everytown Charlie Kelly now says that the Left needs to “reset the narrative” and tie law enforcement, crime, and gun safety together.

The problem with this logic is that many Americans now realize that owning a firearm is the best, most effective way to keep them safe in the event of a violent attack.

Democrats’ gun control goals come into focus

The recent tragedy in Uvalde, Texas put the media and Gun Control Lobby’s focus on the alleged “easy access” to firearms.

Everytown interviewed almost 18,000 likely voters about the issue and found that many believe something can be done to possibly prevent these atrocities from occurring.

Currently, Democrats want to focus on implementing so-called “red flag” laws and “background checks” on gun sales, but background checks are already done when guns are purchased from a licensed dealer.

A 2022 Gallup Poll found that 72 percent of Americans were unhappy with the current measures put in place to reduce crime, and 8 in 10 are worried about crime.

Republican pollster Robert Blizzard says that if he were a Democrat, he wouldn’t try to “make the 2022 races about crime and public safety unless I absolutely had to.”

That’s because most people know gun control measures won’t do anything to actually stop crime from occurring.

What really needs to happen is that local Mayors and state Governors should focus on prosecuting criminals and stop enacting pro-crime policies in the first place.

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