Democrats are freaking out over recent polls in these Rust Belt states

Just this summer, these races didn’t even look close.

With some Democrats outraising their opponents by a factor of 25 to 1, it looked like it was going to be a cake walk to re-election.

But recent polling is showing the tide has turned in the Rust Belt and Democrats are sounding the alarm.

Democrat Governors in Minnesota, Michigan, and Wisconsin are in trouble

According to a poll released by The Trafalgar Group, the race for Minnesota Governor between incumbent Democrat Tim Walz and Republican Scott Jensen is now neck-and-neck. 

Two recent polls have the Democrat Walz in the mid-40s, which is a serious sign of danger for any incumbent running for re-election in this current political environment where Republican support is surging down the stretch.

In Wisconsin, incumbent Democrat Governor Tony Evers has even trailed his Republican opponent Tim Michels in four recent polls, with several others showing them tied.

Meanwhile over in the Great Lakes State, political observers had pretty well written off Republican challenger Tudor Dixon as an unserious candidate until she torched incumbent Democrat Governor Gretchen Whitmer in the first Governor debate at the beginning of October.

Recent polling in Michigan now shows Tudor Dixon within the margin of error against Whitmer, as poll after poll now shows an ever-tightening race.

Abortion, abortion, abortion

Democrats across the country were riding high on a wave of optimism following the overturning of Roe v. Wade, channeling what they felt was the anger of the American people against the Dobbs decision.

Polling over the summer saw the Republican “Red Wave” that was forming in the spring turn into a Democrat advantage.

But as inflation has continued to surge, violent crime continues to rise, woke ideology is further exposed, and Democrats’ abortion extremism is revealed, Democrats now find their support tanking among Independent voters.

But that seemingly hasn’t stopped Democrats from pinning all of their hope on the abortion issue as Democrats like Gretchen Whitmer continue to hammer on it almost daily on Twitter, reminding folks that she is “fighting like hell” to keep abortion legal.

Democrats seem to have nothing else to run on as even Joe Biden is hammering away on the abortion issue all while claiming that the economy is “strong as hell” while filling his gullet with ice cream.

Will the red wave destroy Democrats or fall short?

Right now, things are certainly improving for Republicans across the nation and it has led to a surge of optimism in states that were considered written off by national party leaders.

But the question is, with so many options for early voting, has the red wave formed too late for it to really take out Democrat incumbents in these Rust Belt states?

It’s true that money isn’t everything in politics. 

But Democrats have had a pile more cash than their Republican opponents to try to distract from their disastrous records and their tone-deaf abortion-focused campaigns.

Will voters in Michigan, Minnesota, and Wisconsin reject another four years of radical Democrat governance or will the red wave fall short leaving them all in power?

We’ll all know soon enough.

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