Democrats are preparing for civil war based on these inflammatory comments

There is no denying that America is more divided today than at any point in generations. 

The Left is resorting to violence to achieve political ends and ready to raise hell over the smallest of problems. 

And Democrats are preparing for civil war based on these inflammatory comments. 

Democrats are beating the drums for war

Over the last several years, it has become abundantly clear that the radical Left is driving this nation toward violence. 

This was painfully obvious following the death of career criminal George Floyd when every American city was engulfed in flames and following the Dobbs decision that overturned Roe v. Wade when they began firebombing pregnancy centers and Catholic churches.

The Left has not slowed down one bit and now left-wing pundits are beating the drums of civil war every chance they get. 

MSNBC is the focal point for these angry and threatening outbursts, one of which was made just recently. 

Career lowlife and MSNBC national affairs analyst John Heilemann, sowed fear and vision while on MSNBC the other day. 

Heilemann claimed when speaking about Donald Trump, which is the only thing MSNBC talks about, “He knows the path for him forward is always about division, anger, energy. The division, dividing the country, reducing the core of his base down but at the same time making that into a sauce of a kind, right? It’s like he reduces it down. It gets stronger, more virulent, more toxic, also more energized, and also more violent.” 

He went on to say “The danger, is that the fact that at the base is getting smaller, it makes it more dangerous in a lot of ways because those are the people who are willing to do things like take up arms and press the questions — press the questions and tactics that lead to civil war.”

There you have it – civil war. 

That is a term that the radical Left has clung onto lately and it makes you question what they really have in mind. 

What’s their end game?

The funny thing is, the Left is very ill-prepared for any sort of violent conflict in this nation. 

Remember, these are the people who cower in fear over the use of “wrong pronouns.” 

The entire foundation of Marxism is based on violent revolts, and the Left is embracing these violent evil fundamentals with open arms. 

These inflammatory comments should be discouraged in modern and civil discourse. 

Due to words such as these, violent left-wing extremists have attempted to assassinate a conservative Supreme Court Justice and have carried out terrorist attacks on pro-life pregnancy centers across the nation – not one of which has led to an FBI SWAT raid, as recently happened to a pro-life activist arrested on a trumped-up charge.

A cold culture war is already in progress and it is very important that freedom-loving Americans do not give up or get baited into carrying out violent acts in retaliation. 

The consequences would be absolutely detrimental. 

In the radical Left’s paradise, there would be no religion, no possessions, no self-determination, no culture, no art, and no individuality. 

All of this is at stake and is worth fighting for at the ballot box this November.

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