Democrats are pulling their hair out as this Presidential hopeful gains steam

Whether you’re ready or not, the Presidential election is just around the corner. 

While many of us would like to take a break between elections, the race is already heating up.

And Democrats are pulling their hair out as this Presidential hopeful gains steam.

What to expect in the lead-up to the 2024 Presidential elections

The next couple of years will be vitally important for the future of America. 

Voters will have to start deciding who they want on the ballot next year very soon. 

It is still uncertain who will run on the Democrat ticket, although it appears as if Joe Biden will run for reelection, barring any unforeseen circumstances. 

The Republican ticket is a bit more competitive, with former President Donald Trump and Florida Governor Ron DeSantis leading the pack. 

For many conservatives, Ron DeSantis is an exciting option due to his proven ability to lead a large population through crises, as well as his fire-brand nature. 

The Left, on the other hand, is losing its mind over the possibility of a Ron DeSantis Presidency. 

Just last Monday, the extreme far-left rag known as Vanity Fair, published a story completely trashing Governor Ron DeSantis. 

In the piece, Vanity Fair “reporter” Bess Levin said that “Shouldn’t we be happy about the fact that, at the very least, he doesn’t seem like the type of guy who would Sharpie over a hurricane map to cover his own a– or force people to think about what he gets up to in the bathroom? And the answer is no! We shouldn’t be!”

She then went on to claim that Governor DeSantis is “dangerously anti-science” for his criticism of COVID lockdowns as well as claiming that DeSantis “is waging a war on trans people” in regards to his anti-grooming bill. 

These ad hominem attacks are not only false, but they show that Ron DeSantis is making the Left very uneasy. 

That is because the Left knows that Ron DeSantis has a legitimate shot to beat Joe Biden, or whoever else they put on the ballot. 

Why the Left is so terrified of Governor Ron DeSantis

The Left is mortified at the prospect of a President Ron DeSantis. 

The reason for this is actually pretty simple. 

Ron DeSantis gets things done.  

And he also knows exactly how to stand up to the extreme far-left. 

Rather than beating around the bush and bowing down to Democrats like many moderate Republicans, Ron DeSantis gets right to the point. 

Not only did Ron DeSantis handle the COVID-19 pandemic very well, but he has also managed disaster relief almost perfectly during his time as Governor of Florida. 

A President DeSantis would be a major victory for the United States and everything America stands for. 

The Left should be afraid of Ron DeSantis, because he does not tolerate their woke anti-American agenda, and he fights back against it every chance he gets. 

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