Democrats were bristling with rage over a shirt worn by Dan Quinn that could revive the Redskins

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Things are already looking up for the Washington Redskins with Dan Quinn as head coach.

But no one expected Coach Quinn to do this.

And Democrats were bristling with rage over a shirt worn by Dan Quinn that could revive the Redskins.

Say a prayer for Redskins’ fans

The closest thing to hell on earth is being a fan of the Washington Redskins.

You will be hard-pressed to find a bigger travesty in sports than the name change by the Washington Redskins.

In fact, you will be hard-pressed to find a bigger train wreck of an organization than the Washington Redskins.

Who can forget in 2020 when the franchise dropped the Redskins name for the “Football Team?”

Out of all the idiocy that came from the George Floyd summer of riots, this move by the Washington Redskins is the dumbest of them all.

And the franchise had a chance to make things right in 2022 with the selection of a new name.

But in true Washington fashion, the team went with one of the worst names possible in the “Commanders.”

And to go along with their name fiasco, the Washington Redskins have been consistently one of the worst teams in the NFL.

But there may be a light at the end of the tunnel for the hell fans are living through.

For one, the Washington franchise has a new owner, who is focused on winning and building success.

But on top of that, the Redskins got a new coach, Dan Quinn, who is one of the best defensive minds in the game.

Coach Quinn angers all the right people

Everyone knows that Coach Quinn plans to change things up in Washington, but no one ever saw this coming.

This past week, Dan Quinn made quite a stir when he wore an off-brand Washington shirt that had the team’s W logo with the Redskins feathers.

People started to fantasize that, maybe, this was a sign that the Redskins were coming back.

As you would imagine, some joy suckers got mad at the thought of Washington bringing back the Redskins name.

So Coach Quinn cleared the air earlier this week by saying there was no meaning behind his shirt.

“I think one of the parts of me taking this job, I was excited to bridge the past and present,” he said. “What a cool privilege that is to do. I also recognize that there’s a lot of layers to that. So, it was a lesson for me. What I really hate is any of the attention taken away from these rookies and this awesome crew. Nobody wants to do that.”

This follows the same talking points from the new Washington owner, Josh Harris.

Harris told Sports Illustrated that, “Sports are supposed to bring people together and not be a distraction. I don’t want distractions. I thought it was important that we end the conversation.”

If you are a Washington fan, then don’t expect the “Redskins” name to come back anytime soon.

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