DeSantis’ staff may have provided a spoiler into his 2024 plans

Many conservatives are calling for “Ron to the rescue.” 

It’s a popular refrain from people who want Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis to make a bid for the White House in 2024. 

And moves DeSantis’ team are currently making could provide a big clue as to what America’s Governor will do next – and we could know soon. 

A two-man race?

Following a lackluster showing from the GOP in the 2022 Midterms, the stakes are high for 2024.

And the top prize in the next election cycle is the White House.

And in the early goings of the contest, the Republican nomination is already starting to look like a two-man race.

One of the two is former President Donald Trump – who waited just a single week following the Midterms to announce he would launch a third Presidential campaign. 

The 45th President of the United States enters the primary season as the favorite to be at the top of the GOP ticket come 2024. 

The other person in the two-man horse race hasn’t announced his plans for the next election cycle – Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis of Florida. 

DeSantis’ bold policy moves and willingness to take on both woke corporations and the media have made him both a favorite among conservatives and a top enemy of the Left. 

However, while Trump lost his 2020 re-election effort and struggled with his role as kingmaker in 2022, DeSantis has been building momentum. 

He won his re-election campaign in the traditionally purple Sunshine State by 19.5-points – more than 1.5-million votes – against arguably the most competitive candidate Democrats could have put up against him. 

DeSantis also had coattails. 

Republican Sen. Marco Rubio rode those coattails to win what was supposed to be a close race by 16.5-points. 

And DeSantis’ fight for a favorable House map redistricting also led to the GOP flipping four blue seats red. 

It’s exactly that type of leadership that has many in the party hoping he’ll seek a higher office next year. 

Will he, or won’t he?

And DeSantis fans and detractors might not have to wait long for an answer. 

The Washington Post is reporting DeSantis’ Florida campaign team has “already identified multiple potential hires in early primary states such as New Hampshire and Iowa.”

According to WaPo, two key members of DeSantis’ 2022 re-election team – Phil Cox, who is the former Executive Director of the Republican Governors Association and Generra Peck, an effective political operative and legislative backroom operator – have also been in talks about 2024.

WaPo spoke to two unnamed sources who say DeSantis is “laying a foundation for a national campaign” amid meetings and preliminary staffing moves.

Trump certainly appears to believe America’s Governor is going to pose a primary challenge against him. 

DeSantis vs. Trump

The former President is already viciously attacking the Governor of Florida. 

According to Trump, it would be “disloyal” for DeSantis to challenge him, since he endorsed DeSantis’ first run for Governor. 

Trump also called DeSantis a “skeptic phony” on COVID. 

Republicans largely look at DeSantis as being incredibly successful during the pandemic. 

DeSantis reopened the state for business quickly, he fought for therapeutic treatments, and battled against the Biden Administration and Dr. Anthony Fauci when they tried to implement mandates for the jab. 

While most political experts currently consider Trump a favorite to win a GOP Presidential primary, DeSantis has looked strong in recent polls. 

A Marquette University survey has Florida’s Governor over the former President by a huge margin – 64%-36% in a hypothetical national heads-up race.

The same poll found DeSantis beating President Joe Biden in the general election, while Trump only tied Biden in the potential 2020 rematch. 

The University of New Hampshire also released a new poll with DeSantis scoring 42% of first place support, compared to 30% for Trump in the Granite State.

They were the only candidates to tally double-digits.

Who would be your first choice to top the GOP ticket for President in 2024?