Detroit Lions coach Dan Campbell just made one comment that ensured he won’t have a job next season

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Dan Campbell is known for his old school coaching techniques. 

But one sentence the Detroit Lions coach uttered would make someone like coach Mike Ditka blush.

And Detroit Lions coach Dan Campbell just made one comment that ensured he won’t have a job next season. 

No men left in the NFL

The NFL just keeps getting weaker and wimpier with every season. 

Players can’t take a hit, and many fans can’t even take a man having their own opinion without getting offended. 

But it isn’t the players and the fanbase that have become more feminized over the years.

As the NFL has become more of a powderpuff league, so have the coaches. 

The NFL had some of the meanest coaches you would meet in any professional sports league. 

Coaches like Mike Ditka and Tom Landry would make you pay the price if you ever got caught making a bad play for them. 

But today’s average coach is like Miami Dolphins coach Mike McDaniel, who couldn’t scare an elementary school child let alone an NFL player.  

But there is one coach in the NFL who is putting the fear of God back into both fans and players. 

Detroit Lions coach Dan Campbell is an old soul in today’s NFL. 

Coach Campbell makes one statement that no one saw coming

Dan Campbell started his ascent to head coach by playing one of the hardest positions in football, a blocking tight end. 

He was a star tight end for Texas A&M and was ultimately drafted by the New York Giants. 

Over 11 years in the NFL, Campbell ended up playing for four different teams. 

He was never a star tight end, but he was known for his hard-nosed attitude and leadership abilities. 

Ultimately, Campbell would make his mark on NFL history as a head coach. 

Campbell worked his way up the coaching ladder to become the Lions head coach.

Since he took over for the Lions, no coach in the NFL has been as hard-nosed as Campbell. 

In his introductory press conference back in 2021, Dan shocked reporters when he said that “we’re gonna kick you in the teeth, and when you punch us back we’re gonna smile at you, and when you knock us down we’re going to get up, and on the way, we’re going to bite a kneecap off.”

Under Campbell, the Lions went from 3-13-1 in 2021 to a franchise-tying best record of 12-5 last year. 

As a seasoned coach, you would think Dan Campbell would know that he needs to tidy up what he says in public. 

But at a press conference last week, Campbell was asked by a reporter if this season was a Super Bowl season or a bust type of a season. 

Coach Campbell responded without missing a beat.

 “I don’t see bust, I see Super Bowl,” he said.

This is a bold statement to make as a coach of the Lions, especially in only your fourth year as a head coach. 

But if anyone has the grit to make such a statement and pull it off, it’s Dan Campbell. 

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