Disney’s CEO Bob Iger just voiced support for this top leftist priority

Disney just can’t seem to learn its lesson.

Amid falling stock prices, Disney fired woke CEO Bob Chapek and brought back leftist Bob Iger. 

But now Bob Iger is voicing support for this top leftist priority. 

Meet the new old boss

Disney recently ousted CEO Bob Chapek after his short and disastrous tenure as CEO. 

Under Chapek, Disney pushed a far-left woke agenda, and it cost the company big-time. 

Chapek went to war with Governor DeSantis over the anti-grooming Parental Rights in Education Bill, which bars discussing sexuality with kids in kindergarten through third grade. 

DeSantis fired back, and stripped Disney of its special self-governing and tax privileges that Florida had given to their theme parks for decades.

Not long after, Disney’s stock plummeted, and they were forced to lay off workers. 

It turns out that alienating parents by putting woke garbage ahead of children’s safety wasn’t a smart move for the company. 

Disney decided to bring back former CEO Bob Iger when they ousted Chapek. 

After the announcement, Disney’s stock showed an immediate boost. 

Iger had signaled that he was going to take more of a politically neutral approach, but that didn’t last long. 

A “responsibility” to take away your rights

He recently attended a Sandy Hook Promise Benefit where he rubbed shoulders with anti-gun left-wing elitists like Barack Obama, actor Matthew McConaughey, and country singer Tim McGraw.

Iger spoke at the event, saying those in positions of influence have a responsibility to advance anti-gun policies. 

“As a grandfather, as a father, as CEO of The Walt Disney Company, I believe there is no greater or more important task than ensuring the safety and well-being of our children,” he said.

He continued “Those of us who are in positions to affect change, whether it’s by influencing laws of shaping culture or supporting organizations on the frontlines, I think we have an extra responsibility.”

Barack Obama also spoke at the event, recalling his administration failed attempt to push unconstitutional gun restrictions through Congress following the Sandy Hook shooting. 

“Perhaps the most bitter disappointment of my time in office, the closest I came to being cynical, was the utter failure of Congress to respond in the immediate aftermath of the Sandy Hook shootings. To see almost the entire GOP, but also a decent number of Democrats equivocate and hem and haw and filibuster and ultimately bend yet again to pressure from the gun lobby,” Obama said.

The irony was lost on these elitist gun-grabbers as they advocate for stripping Americans of their fundamental right to bear arms while themselves surrounded by Secret Service and armed security. 

Of course, none of the gun control proposals being pushed would do anything to stop deranged maniacs intent on doing harm. 

All it would do is leave law-abiding Americans defenseless. 

Gun owners should take note, Disney is publicly working against their interests. 

Let’s hope it costs them just as their other woke positions did. 

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