Donald Trump and Tucker Carlson are preparing this shocking 2024 announcement

President Donald Trump speaks during an event at Joint Base Andrews, Md., Dec. 20, 2019. Trump visited Andrews to thank service members before signing the National Defense Authorization Act of 2020 which support the Air Force’s advanced capabilities to gain and maintain air superiority and the Airmen that are essential to our nation’s success. (U.S. Air Force photo by Airman 1st Class Spencer Slocum)

After Fox News fired Tucker Carlson, pundits, fans, and critics immediately wondered if he would run for President.

Carlson looks like he has plans to make his presence felt in the race.

And now Donald Trump and Tucker Carlson are preparing this shocking 2024 announcement.

Tucker Carlson hired high-powered attorney Bryan Freedman to negotiate his way out of his Fox News contract, which runs through the end of next year.

Carlson is reportedly willing to forfeit millions of dollars if it means he can get back on the air in some fashion for the next election.

It looks like Carlson has a plan in mind to impact the election.

And it involves Donald  Trump.

Carlson is trying to put together his own Presidential debate to counterprogram the corporate-controlled media debates.

Donald Trump has reportedly spoken to Carlson and is interested in participating in his forum.

The Washington Post reports:

Carlson and his team have discussed the possibility of moderating a candidate forum outside of the traditional protocols surrounding the GOP primary debate system, according to two people familiar with the considerations. These people said the setup — as well as Carlson’s availability to take on that kind of role, given the noncompete constraints of his contract with Fox — remain unclear. But Carlson has personally expressed enthusiasm about the idea, according to people familiar with his comments. At least one major candidate — Trump — has told Carlson he’s interested, according to a person familiar with the exchange.

The former Fox host’s interest in a debate is said to stem in part from its potential to loosen the Republican National Committee’s grip on the process, as well as to challenge the role traditionally played by the major television networks. “He could go straight to the candidates, stream it live, invite the networks but maintain control over the process,” said one person familiar with the discussions.

Donald Trump is already threatening to pull out of the debates that the Republican National Committee scheduled based on the involvement of certain networks and venues that he views as hostile to his candidacy.

Trump is already mad at Fox News, which is slated to televise the first debate.

And Trump – as well as Carlson – could get their revenge on Fox News by counterprogramming the debate with a candidate forum featuring Carlson and Trump.

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