Donald Trump dropped the hammer on Nikki Haley with this epic truth bomb

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Donald Trump is looking to wrap up the GOP Primary and move on to the General Election.

He came out swinging at the Republican establishment’s handpicked candidate.

And Donald Trump dropped the hammer on Nikki Haley with this epic truth bomb.

New Hampshire has become the make-or-break state for former South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley in the Republican Presidential Primary.

New Hampshire has the most favorable electorate of any of the early Primary states for her.

Democrats have been encouraged to switch their registration and vote in the Republican Primary since there is not a competitive Democrat Presidential Primary this year.

Thousands of New Hampshire Democrats have already switched their party affiliation ahead of the GOP Primary. 

Haley is also banking on a large pool of Independent voters and RINO Republicans to back her.

The New Hampshire Primary could be the last chance for the Republican establishment to slow former President Donald Trump’s momentum toward the nomination.

Trump came out firing at Haley during a campaign event in Portsmouth, New Hampshire.

“With your vote, six days from now, we are going to win the New Hampshire Primary, then we are going to crush Crooked Joe, and we are going to Make America Great Again,” Trump said.

He warned the crowd that Haley was counting on Democrats to get her across the finish line.

“Nikki Haley is counting on Democrats and liberals to infiltrate your Republican Primary to put her over the top in this state — which is no surprise since her campaign is funded by Democrats,” Trump warned.

Democrats on Wall Street and in Big Tech have been bankrolling Haley’s campaign in a desperate attempt to deny Trump the GOP nomination.

Stand for America Inc., the main super PAC backing Haley, received $250,000 from LinkedIn co-founder Reid Hoffman, a Democrat megadonor to President Joe Biden and a friend of the late child sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein.

Trump said that Haley’s big money donors are “pro-Amnesty, pro-China, pro-open borders, pro-war, and pro-Biden.”

The former President said that Democrats were supporting her because they knew she would be easy to beat in the General Election without the support of the Republican base.

“So if you want a nominee who is endorsed by all the RINOs, globalists, Never Trumpers, and Crooked Joe Biden’s biggest donors, then Nikki Haley is your candidate,” Trump said. “If you want to defeat the radical Left Democrats and save America, you must vote for President Donald J. Trump!”

The New Hampshire Primary is shaping up to be the last stand for the Republican establishment in the battle for the nomination.

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