Donald Trump got a boost in one criminal trial from this unlikely source

Photo by Gage Skidmore, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Flickr,

Democrats are making Donald Trump fight his Primary opponents, Joe Biden, and the weaponized justice system in his 2024 re-election bid.

But Democrats got some bad news.

And Donald Trump got a boost in one criminal trial from this unlikely source.

Joe Biden prosecutor Jack Smith planned to stage a show trial against Donald Trump over bogus charges that he engaged in a criminal conspiracy to overturn the results of the 2020 election.

Smith’s indictment made a criminal case out of Trump exercising his First Amendment right to petition his government about the outcome of the last election.

The underlying thesis of Smith’s case is that it is a crime to contest an election won by Democrats.

Smith hoped to whisk this case through to a conviction with a Democrat judge and all-Democrat jury picked from the population of Washington, D.C. residents, who voted 95 percent against Trump before the General Election.

Obama Judge Tanya Chutkan played her part violating Trump’s Constitutional right to a fair trial by denying him the ability to stage a proper defense when she agreed to Smith’s accelerated schedule of starting the trial on March 4, 2024.

Chutkan also imposed an unconstitutional gag order on Trump that puts a Democrat judge and Joe Biden prosecutor in the position of being able to jail him for political speech that criticizes the Democrats bringing the case against him.

And for Smith and Biden, federal rules banning cameras in the courtroom meant a complete blackout on the reality of the sham trial Biden planned for his leading political opponent.

But lawyers for NBC Universal (NBCU) threw a monkey wrench into those plans by filing a motion to allow the press to televise the trial.

“If ever a trial were to be televised, this one should be, for the benefit of American democracy,” the NBCU motion read.

“No compelling or substantial government interest supports restricting public access to a minuscule number of reporters and a handful of members of the public who can physically access the courtroom in Washington, D.C. to see and hear what happens,” the motion added.

NBCU argued that Judge Chutkan “need only apply clear, everyday principles of statutory interpretation to determine that it already has authority to permit video and audio of these proceedings.” 

The motion stated that there is “no compelling government interest and manifestly is not the least restrictive means to serve any interest, given the abundant alternatives for this court to manage concerns through tailored measures, as courts in most states do.”

A televised trial would be a disaster for the Democrats.

Before Alvin Bragg and a host of Democrat prosecutors began indicting Donald Trump, he trailed Joe Biden in the polls and held a double-digit lead in the GOP Primary over Florida Governor Ron DeSantis.

But as the politically motivated indictments rolled out, the American people realized Democrats tried to distract them from Joe Biden’s failures with a bunch of farce indictments on made up charges.

The latest polls showed Trump blowing out DeSantis by 49 points and the Real Clear Politics polling average has Trump beating Biden by 0.6 points.

Cameras in the courtroom would put the weaponized justice system on trial.

And Donald Trump arguing that Democrats rigged the system and enlisted the courts to do what Joe Biden can’t at the ballot box already proved to be a winning argument for the former President.

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