Donald Trump is doing cartwheels over this nationwide election trend

Donald Trump lost the 2020 election by the skin of his teeth. 

But many political observers are speculating he wants a rematch against Joe Biden in 2024. 

If he does decide to run, this latest election-related national trendline will have the former President doing cartwheels. 

President Biden is his own worst enemy

President Joe Biden entered the Oval Office thanks to just several thousand votes in a handful of battleground states. 

Despite the down the middle divide in the country, President Biden has governed as though he was put into office with an overwhelming mandate. 

That alone would be bad enough to hurt Biden’s chances at re-election. 

But add the fact that the President’s policies have been a colossal failure, and even people in his own party are rumored to be maneuvering behind the scenes to keep him off the 2024 Democrat Party ticket. 

Biden has historically low approval numbers and is rapidly losing support from traditional Democrat voting blocs like Hispanic voters, black voters, Asian voters, and even youth voters. 

Meanwhile, the latest approval polling shows the President only enjoys 18% support among self-described independents. 

Not to mention, this time around, voters know the Hunter Biden corruption stories are actually true. 

Being a Democrat voter is so 2012

If the 45th President of the United States didn’t have enough reason to make another bid at the White House, Biden’s failure to connect with voters could be the deciding factor. 

But wait, there’s more. 

It’s not just that voters don’t like the sitting President – they’re fleeing the Democrat Party. 

A new national trend is emerging, with more Democrats changing their voter registration to Republican compared to GOP voters switching blue. 

The Associated Press is reporting more than one million voters across 43 states have switched to the Republican Party over the last year. 

The mass exodus is happening in both red and blue states, and in both urban and rural communities.  

Comparatively, about 630,000 Republicans have switched registration to Democrats during the same time frame.

That’s a net advantage of about 400,000 voters for the GOP. 

North Carolina blue no more

North Carolina, a swing state that had been trending leftward in recent cycles is an example of the red registration resurgence. 

9,830 voters left the Republican Party in the Tar Heel state this year, while 11,341 joined, including 4,999 former Democrats.

On the other side, Democrats lost nearly 20,000 voters since January 2022, compared to 6,253 North Carolinians who joined the party.

That is great news for Donald Trump and the U.S. Senate candidate he has endorsed, Ted Budd. 

Budd faces Cheri Beasley this November in what is expected to be a competitive Senate race.

It is a must-keep seat for the GOP.

If Beasley is able to upend Budd, it would be a flip for the Democrats and make it nearly impossible for the GOP to gain control of the U.S. Senate in the Midterms. 

Is a red wave coming in the November Midterms?