Donald Trump is howling with laughter after this one news network just exonerated him

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Ever since former President Donald Trump announced he expected to be arrested by the Manhattan District Attorney’s office, the entire political world has held its breath. 

Never before has a former President been under such intense legal scrutiny. 

But Donald Trump is howling with laughter after this one news network just exonerated him. 

The radical Left will not rest until Donald Trump is behind bars

After Donald Trump announced that his arrest was imminent, all hell broke loose. 

The case that Trump is referring to is a case involving a suspected hush-money check given to an adult film star.  Leading the charge is George Soros-funded District Attorney Alvin Bragg, who is a vocal opponent of Donald trump. 

A closer look into this investigation shows that this is nothing more than a witch hunt based entirely on political motives. 

This conclusion is so obvious that even many Democrats cannot elude it. 

Last Sunday on ABC’s This Week, chief legal analyst Dan Abrams blasted Alvin Bragg for making a mountain out of a molehill.

“All eyes are on the Manhattan DA this week. The case seems to hinge on a legal theory that’s never been used in New York. How risky is this?” host Martha Raddatz asked. 

“It is risky for a number of reasons,” Abrams replied. “The new theory is in getting it from a misdemeanor to a felony. They are kind of jerry-rigging it to some degree. The reason that’s novel and difficult is it has not been quite done in this way before.” 

“But there is also another factor here which is that this is just not a misdemeanor case,” he added. “They’re trying to get into a felony. It is also a seven-year-old case. It is also a case that two other sets of prosecutors, the previous DA and the federal prosecutors, decided not to move forward with.”

Dan Abrams ended the segment by saying that “when people say to me sometimes, well, this had been me, I would have been prosecuted for sure. My response is, if this had been you, I don’t know if, seven years later, they would have revisited this misdemeanor and try to turn it into a felony. So it is a challenging legal theory. They may be able to do it, but there are problems here.”

Alvin Bragg is playing with fire when it comes to investigating Donald Trump

As Dan Abrams pointed out, Alvin Bragg’s investigation into Trump is not just unprecedented.

It is also based on malintent. 

Instead of investigating a legitimate crime, Alvin Bragg is taking a 7-year-old misdemeanor and doing everything in his power to morph it into a felony. 

This is corruption in its worst form.

It completely spits in the face of America’s judicial system and the Constitution. 

Alvin Bragg is doing everything he can to end Donald Trump’s political career, even if it means lying about the former President. 

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