Donald Trump is laughing as his supporters set out to make sure voters fire this turncoat Republican

For some inexplicable reason (and possibly some left-wing financial backers) one self-proclaimed Republican Congresswoman keeps attacking Donald Trump.

And she keeps pretending that Trump supporters are some sort of wackos – rather than the very backbone of the communities she represents.

But now it looks like she’s about to get a rude wake-up call – and meet her match.

Donald Trump and billionaire Peter Thiel are throwing their support behind a rising star in the Republican Party by hosting fundraisers for her campaign.

Harriet Hageman is poised to take on Republican In Name Only (RINO) Liz Cheney for Wyoming’s only Representative seat.

Hageman is a strong candidate in the region with ranch roots and a “Wyoming Tough” campaign slogan.

She’s also an attorney with political street cred due to her work fighting Clinton era roadless Forest Service policy, Environmental Protection Agency encroachment on ranch irrigation systems, and the USDA’s big brother attempt to use radio frequency to track every single cow in the state.

That anti-big government attitude is probably behind the reason she recently snagged the endorsement of Republican Senator Rand Paul.

As a huge state with a tiny population, Wyoming has played an outsized role in American politics as the home of former Vice President Dick Cheney.

But the former VP’s daughter seems to have spent too much of her life inside the Washington, D.C. beltway – and not nearly enough inside Wyoming ranch house kitchens.

Cheney jumped on the “Never Trumper” bandwagon early and has infuriated conservatives by cozying up with Nancy Pelosi.

But now, it looks like she’s sparked a proxy war that will ultimately result in conservatives and leftists throwing their resources behind pushing candidates.

Cheney’s backers claim the silent majority in The Cowboy State will still support the left-leaning Republican.

“They are loud and they are ugly,” said former state Rep. Amy Edmonds, and a former Cheney staffer, speaking about Republicans who have been complaining about their RINO representative, “They are a minority, though. That is definitely not Wyoming.”

But no matter how much Cheney’s leftist buddies want her to win, chances are Wyoming conservatives are appalled by the direction Joe Biden has taken the country, insulted by how they’ve been portrayed to the nation, and will quickly abandon their political princess as soon as they realize they have a viable alternative.

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