Donald Trump is under attack from this top star at Fox News

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It becomes more and more apparent that the upper levels of Fox News management want anyone other than Donald Trump as the candidate in 2024.

Some on-air talent seems more than willing to play ball.

And now Donald Trump is under attack from this top star at Fox News.

Fox News senior political analyst Brit Hume slammed Trump as a “loser” during an interview with Special Report guest host Rich Edson.

Edson asked Hume about the “electability” argument some Republican challengers made against Trump based on the GOP’s lack of success since 2018.

“Part of his challengers’ argument is that if you go back to the 2018 election, every two years with Trump as either the titular head or actual head of the Republican Party, Republicans have underperformed in those national elections,” Edson stated. “And yet, when you look at the polling, it shows that Republican voters believe that he’s gonna win and part of the appeal of Donald Trump is that he is a winner. Where does that disconnect go and how can Trump’s opponents make that case that perhaps on winnability that’s an issue?”

Hume – who has been very critical of Trump ever since the 2020 election – agreed and claimed that the former President ruined the GOP’s electoral chances in the 2021 Georgia Senate runoffs and the 2022 Midterm elections.

“Well, those losses in the Midterms and eventually the Presidency are disappointing performances and losses. They’re real. They happened. There’s no doubt about it. There’s no way around it. And the case can be made that he’s a loser because since he got elected in 2016, he’s compiled a string of them – either he or his supported candidate have lost too many races,” Hume added.

Hume lamented the fact that polls show Republicans care more about nominating a candidate they agree with and that they consider Trump more electable than Florida Governor Ron DeSantis.

“And right now, people are voting their hearts and they tend to vote in primaries where the candidates that they feel closest to,” Hume added. “They’re not voting about who they think could get elected. That may come back to haunt the Republican Party in 2024 because you look at the Democrats and what they think of the race. They think that Trump is gonna win the nomination. And they think Biden will beat him because he did beat him.”

Fox News speaks for the establishment side of the conservative movement that was never comfortable with Trump’s MAGA agenda and is eager to rid themselves of him at a moment’s notice.

But the actual data undercuts Hume and other establishment Republicans’ claim that Trump is unelectable.

The Real Clear Politics polling average shows Trump leading Joe Biden by 0.6 points while DeSantis trails him by one point.

Echelon Insights’ latest poll found Trump leading Biden by seven in the swing states, which bested DeSantis’ performance against Biden.

And a Quinnipiac poll of Pennsylvania showed Trump leading Joe Biden 47 to 46 percent.

Fox News wants voters to think Trump can’t win in 2024.

But the numbers say otherwise.

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