Donald Trump Jr. noticed a scary pattern about Democrats arresting Donald Trump

Photo by Gage Skidmore, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Flickr,

Joe Biden’s weaponized justice system struck again.

Democrat prosecutors are taking their third crack at trying to put Donald Trump in jail.

But Donald Trump Jr. noticed a scary pattern about Democrats arresting Donald Trump.

Special Counsel Jack Smith filed a spurious and legally dubious four-count indictment against Donald Trump for contesting the 2020 election.

Smith schemed to criminalize political debate and disagreement while also pretending to be an amateur psychologist by attempting to read Trump’s mind in order to twist the law and create a crime where none existed.

But Smith’s indictment of Donald Trump was not actually the worst part of the entire fiasco.

Donald Trump Jr. posted a timeline on social media showing that Jack Smith filed criminal indictments against Donald Trump the day after Iowa Republican Senator Chuck Grassley revealed the existence of the FBI form FD-1023 containing the Biden bribe allegation.

Conservative pundits and politicians agreed that Jack Smith appears to be running political interference for Joe Biden to make sure the 2024 election is focused on Donald Trump and not the President’s failures, scandals, and alleged criminal acts.

Biden DOJ unveils the latest effort to stop Trump from running against Biden – totally unprecedented in American history,” Missouri Republican Senator Josh Hawley wrote.

The optics of a Democrat Party President counting on a Democrat prosecutor to indict his top challenger in the upcoming election were bad enough.

But the fact that Jack Smith springs criminal charges against Donald Trump at the most politically opportune time for Joe Biden erases any doubt that his true purpose is to interfere in the election on Biden’s behalf.

The fact that Smith’s case is so laughably weak and not grounded in any sound or proven legal theory further highlights the partisan absurdity of this prosecution.

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