Donald Trump just made a move that will infuriate the GOP establishment

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Donald Trump is the clear front-runner in the Republican Primary.

The former President is hardly running a conventional campaign and has been silenced by most of the media.

But Donald Trump just made a move that will infuriate the GOP establishment.

Trump is campaigning to stop establishment politicians from “bleeding this country dry”

Donald Trump has a knack for bucking the establishment’s expectations of him and that doesn’t look like it’s going to change. He’s leading in the Republican Primary by outstanding margins and his popularity soars every time the radical Left unveils a new indictment.

According to his campaign website, Trump “left behind” his former life to fight against the politicians who “continue bleeding this country dry allowing other nations to take advantage of us on trade, borders, foreign policy, and national defense.”

That’s why the former President refuses to play ball with the Republican National Committee and the RINO politicians in Washington, D.C. He has drawn a lot of criticism for having reservations about participating in the first Republican debate, but he stands by his decision.

Now he’s made a decision that will surely anger the establishment politicians in the GOP.

Trump says there are several people that he wouldn’t support for President

In an interview with Newsmax, Trump was asked about making a pledge to support the Party’s nominee. Trump said “I wouldn’t sign the pledge. Why would I sign a pledge if there are people there that I wouldn’t have?”

There are Republicans who Trump would not support no matter what. He said that he “can name three or four people that [he] wouldn’t support for President. So right there, there’s a problem.”

It’s been reported that the RNC will not let anyone debate unless they agree to sign the pledge. As of now, the only Republicans who have agreed to make the pledge are Vivek Ramaswamy and Ron DeSantis. The first debate happens later this month on Fox News.

Trump says he shouldn’t share the stage with failing politicians like Asa Hutchinson and Chris Christie

Trump has said that he is considering skipping the debate because he believes that the RNC set the standards too low. He said that it’s not right for him to have to share the stage with unpopular candidates who will simply say “nasty” things about him.

“You look at the debate, and they want you to debate, but you’re debating—it’s not really fair—somebody like Asa Hutchinson, who’s polling at zero percent, will ask me nasty questions,” the former President said, before adding that Chris Christie, who is “falling at 1%,” will also ask him “nasty questions.”

Trump said that if he decides not to debate, then he won’t be the first Republican nominee to make that decision. “Why would you do that when you’re leading by so much? Ronald Reagan didn’t do it. Nixon didn’t do it. Many people didn’t do it,” he said.

While Trump may be right, Reagan and Nixon did not face the same level of attacks from the media and the political class as him.

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