Donald Trump just made his first New Hampshire stop and announced an impressive Granite State leadership team

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Much of the corporate-controlled media’s attention has been on Florida Governor Ron DeSantis.

But Donald Trump has been racking up some huge wins lately.

And Donald Trump just made his first New Hampshire stop and announced an impressive Granite State leadership team.

Former President Donald Trump recently boarded his plane in West Palm Beach, Florida, for a campaign visit to New Hampshire.

A solid Granite State team

Trump was making his first stop in the important early Primary state to announce his leadership team for his 2024 campaign.

Despite the aggressive non-campaign of Ron DeSantis, as well as those who have already entered the race, Trump remains the clear frontrunner for the GOP nomination in 2024. 

This is according to multiple national polls that show Trump far ahead of his closest rival, Ron DeSantis, with no other candidate even in the mix.

In fact, as Trump boarded the plane to New Hampshire, he mentioned to reporters a recent Emerson College poll that showed him up in the polls by nearly 50% against his GOP Primary rivals.

And Trump’s New Hampshire leadership team is an impressive show of force.

It includes 50 members of the state legislature, which the Trump campaign said makes up 25% of all Republicans in the New Hampshire House of Representatives.

No one comes close

The latest Emerson poll referenced by Trump shows some shocking numbers.

Trump sits at 62%, with his closest rival, DeSantis, at 16%.

No other candidate cracks 10%.

DeSantis, whom Trump has brutally and very publicly criticized, held an event in Manchester, New Hampshire, this past April. 

While DeSantis is still seen as Trump’s main rival, the Florida Governor has not announced a run for President although all signs point to it. 

But with more candidates jumping into the race, it looks like the anti-Trump vote has yet to coalesce around one candidate.

In fact, many leading Never-Trumpers are just as opposed to DeSantis as they are to the former President.

A reliable MAGA stronghold

Trump’s trip to New Hampshire is reminiscent of his trip to Iowa in March when he announced his all-star state leadership team.

“Today, President Donald J. Trump announced his Eastern Iowa Leadership Team, demonstrating support from the most conservative and influential Republican leaders in a key region of the Hawkeye State,” a campaign press release read. “Since President Trump’s historic 2016 election, Iowa has fundamentally transformed from a swing state to a reliable MAGA stronghold,” the release continued, before adding that “President Trump’s America First Policies continue to resonate with the men and women of Eastern Iowa and will propel him to an overwhelming victory in the First-in-the-Nation Caucuses.”

While the political pundits and mainstream media are waiting on DeSantis’ decision, Trump is racking up endorsements in key states and climbing in the polls.

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