Donald Trump just promised a sweeping overhaul of the economy in this powerful new video

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It seems like it was yesterday when Joe Biden was installed as President.

But the next election is only months away and Donald Trump is running full steam ahead.

And Donald Trump just promised a sweeping overhaul of the economy in this powerful new video.

As Congress and Joe Biden get ready for another round of spending bills and debt ceiling increases, Americans have had enough.

A “sweeping pro-American overhaul” of tax and trade policies

Former President Donald Trump just unveiled a new campaign video on Truth Social.

He attacked the Biden administration’s approach to trade with Communist China in the video and outlined his vision for a “sweeping pro-American overhaul” of the nation’s tax and trade policies. 

Trump also vowed to impose “a system that rewards domestic production and taxes foreign companies and those who export American jobs.” 

And he wants to move the country away from “a Biden system that punishes domestic producers and rewards outsourcers.”

The former President also used the campaign video to propose “universal base-line tariffs on most foreign products” and to hike tariffs at a rate proportional to a nation’s devaluing of its currency.

No more Communist currency manipulation

This is a clear swipe at Biden and the Communist Chinese. 

Trump has long alleged that Communist Chinese currency manipulation is a factor that helps Beijing gain a competitive edge in trade.

While the ChiComms deny it, more and more evidence has emerged that proves Trump may be right.

Trump also wants to rebuild American manufacturing.

The former President went on to vow a “new strategic national manufacturing initiative” to bolster American domestic production. 

He then proposed reforms he said would remove any and all American economic dependence on Communist China. 

Next, Trump proposed a four-year plan to phase out Communist Chinese imports of essential goods, which may be the most controversial part of all.

It would include a wide-ranging array of goods, including electronics and pharmaceuticals.

“Biden will never get the job done”

In a proposal that has filled Washington, D.C. with dread, Trump wants to ban federal contracts to any company that works with Communist China on outsourcing.

“We will eliminate federal contracts for any company that outsources to China,” Trump vowed.

That would be a major change in U.S. policy and could potentially affect thousands of corporations who do business with both the Communist Chinese and the United States government.

Trump is missing one major factor in outsourcing that he needs to address.

Current labor law, environmental law, tax laws, and other federal rules and regulations make it too expensive to operate manufacturing here in the U.S.

That is why so many companies have outsourced jobs to Mexico, India, and even Communist China.

While some experts predict the Trump plan is too broad and too tariff heavy to ever get through Congress, Trump does not seem dissuaded.

“Biden will never get the job done,” Trump declared. “He is weak on China because the corrupt Biden family has received millions and millions of dollars from entities tied to the Chinese Communist Party. Everybody knows that.”

And Donald Trump is exactly right on that last point.

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