Donald Trump just received one set of poll numbers that proves he is still the leader of the Republican Party

Establishment Republicans want Donald Trump out of the GOP.

Some Party members secretly support Nancy Pelosi’s witch hunt because they believe it will take care of Donald Trump for them.

But Donald Trump just received one set of poll numbers that proves he is still the leader of the Republican Party.

Donald Trump is running for President again in 2024.

The only remaining question is whether or not he will declare his candidacy before or after the Midterm elections.

Even though Trump left office in January of 2021, the Democrats, members of the corporate-controlled press, and establishment RINOs are still attacking him on a daily basis.

Democrats are terrified over the thought of Donald Trump running against an old, senile Joe Biden in 2024.

And establishment RINOs are looking to nominate someone other than Donald Trump in two years.

Trump’s double digit lead

Despite their best efforts, Donald Trump remains wildly popular with Republican voters nationwide.

A new poll by Echelon Insights just found Donald Trump is leading the Republican Primary field by double digits.

Republican and Republican-leaning voters were asked, “If the 2024 Republican presidential primaries were being held today and you had to make a choice, for whom would you vote?”

58 percent said they would either definitely or probably support Trump, and of those 58 percent, 47 percent said they would definitely vote for Trump.

Only 33 percent said they would definitely or probably vote for someone other than Trump, but only 18 percent said they definitely would vote for a different Republican candidate.

In a 2024 hypothetical head-to-head matchup against Ron DeSantis, Trump leads by double digits, defeating the Florida Governor 56 to 32 percent.

A plurality also answered that DeSantis should only run if Donald Trump decides not to.

The poll asked voters why they would support Trump over DeSantis.

39 percent cited Trump’s “proven track record” as President, 21 percent said he would “do a better job than DeSantis,” and 10 percent cited his “excellent” performance on the economy.

Bad news for Democrats

When Trump’s name is taken out of the poll, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis leads the field with 45 percent.

No other Republican came close to the amount of support garnered by Trump and DeSantis when only one of their names was included in the survey.

This is bad news for Democrats, as Donald Trump and Ron DeSantis are the two Republicans they fear the most.

Donald Trump and Ron DeSantis are wildly popular with Republican voters nationwide.

However, while Trump and DeSantis are surging, Joe Biden’s approval ratings are tanking, making him the most unpopular President in recent history.

Of course, multiple other polls show similar results.

Overall, Donald Trump defeats Joe Biden in seven of the last ten polls looking at a potential rematch.

“Here’s what a 2024 Trump/Biden rematch looks like per the RCP average,” Breitbart reported. “44.5 percent for Trump v. 42.5 percent for Biden. Trump is up by two points.”

Democrats and establishment RINOs are running out of time to find a way to stop Donald Trump from running again in 2024.

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