Donald Trump made a jaw-dropping demand in response to the FBI helping cover up the Hunter Biden laptop story

Joe Biden is determined to keep the American people in the dark on the details surrounding the FBI’s raid on Mar-a-Lago.

After several years of witch hunts against him, Donald Trump has had enough.

And Donald Trump made one jaw-dropping demand in response to the FBI helping cover up the Hunter Biden laptop story. 

Attorney General Merrick Garland continues to conceal critical details about the FBI’s raid on Donald Trump’s private home in Mar-a-Lago.

After a judge ordered the Justice Department to release the affidavit used to authorize the search warrant to the public, the FBI released a heavily-redacted 38-page memo that revealed absolutely nothing about why Merrick Garland felt raiding the former President was necessary.

At the same time Merrick Garland refuses to release the details on why he authorized the raid, Deep State leakers are feeding the press false stories about how Donald Trump concealed nuclear secrets at his home that put the American people in danger.

Mark Zuckerburg’s huge mistake

The fever pitch surrounding the FBI’s raid on Mar-a-Lago increased even higher last week when Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg went on Joe Rogan’s podcast and admitted the FBI ordered them to censor the New York Post’s story on Hunter Biden’s laptop.

A Media Research Center poll found that one-sixth of Americans who voted for Joe Biden in 2020 would not have supported him if they knew about Hunter’s laptop and the scandals uncovered by it.

By ordering Facebook to censor the laptop story, the FBI helped rig the election for Joe Biden.

That’s why Zuckerberg’s shocking admission set off a political firestorm, resulting in one agent already being forced out of the Bureau.

Timothy Thibault, a former assistant special agent in charge in the FBI’s Washington Field Office, resigned from his post and was seen being escorted out of his building on Friday, The Washington Times first reported.

Donald Trump’s jaw-dropping demand

In a series of posts on his Truth Social platform, Donald Trump slammed the FBI and demanded either a new Presidential election be held or to “declare the rightful winner” from the 2020 race.

“The Presidential Election was BADLY & IRREPARABLY TAINTED by the FBI’s FAKE description of the ‘Laptop from Hell’ to Facebook & the LameStream Media – & for MANY other reasons as well,” Trump wrote early Tuesday. “Declare the rightful winner, or hold a new Election, NOW! Our Country, which is failing badly, knows the ‘score,’ and will never accept Criminal Election Interference.” 

“The FBI just fired its Special Agent In Charge of this outrageous & very illegal assault on the Constitution of the United States of America!” he added.

In July, Republican Senator Chuck Grassely wrote a letter to FBI Director Christopher Wray about a scheme to “undermine derogatory information connected to Hunter Biden by falsely suggesting it was disinformation.”

Grassley said Thibault allegedly stopped an investigation into Hunter Biden’s criminal activity from moving forward one month before the election.

“Thibault allegedly ordered the matter closed without providing a valid reason as required by FBI guidelines . . . [and] subsequently attempted to improperly mark the matter in FBI systems so that it could not be opened in the future,” Grassley wrote in the letter to Wray.

Joe Biden weaponized the Justice Department and the FBI to take down the leader of the opposition Party.

Trump noted that this type of “massive fraud and election interference” was unprecedented in American history.

And in his view, the only “remedy” is to hold another election or declare him the winner.

Of course, there is no lawful method for overturning the results of the 2020 election at this point except for voters choosing a new President in 2024. 

But Donald Trump’s frustration is easy for many Americans to understand. 

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