Donald Trump made an unexpected stop in South Carolina and the most incredible thing happened to him

The 2024 Presidential campaign is already heating up.

Donald Trump is hitting the campaign trail with enthusiastic support.

And when Trump made an unexpected stop in South Carolina, the most incredible thing happened to him.

Whatever you may think of former President Donald Trump, there is no debating that Trump put faith and prayer at the forefront.

He was often surrounded by Christian advisors and pastors and though his language can be crude, he is known as a man of prayer.

Americans reminded of Trump’s faith

So maybe it wasn’t a big surprise to find out what happened when President Trump made an impromptu stop at a burger joint during his swing through South Carolina.

Afterall, he and his Vice President Mike Pence, lead what many Christians say was a revival of sorts.

So, when Trump visited a burger and ice cream spot called Zesto in West Columbia, South Carolina recently, many Americans got to see Trump’s faith shine through again.

As one Twitter user put it, “This is the real @realDonaldTrump the media won’t show you!”

In the clip, you can see the awestruck employees and patrons of Zesto clamoring to meet him, while one employee asked Trump if she could pray with him.

A moment of prayer in the middle of pandemonium

Not surprisingly, Trump said yes to the heartfelt request, and the two of them shared a moment of open prayer right in the middle of the crowded restaurant.

Local news station WRCB also captured a video from a different angle, but not surprisingly, they didn’t show the prayer but made note of the fact that Trump ordered a chocolate-dipped cone.

But the viral Twitter video is incredible for a number of reasons.

First, it shows that the power of prayer is alive and well in America in 2023 even though the radical leftists are waging a never-ending war against religion, especially Christianity.

Second, Trump’s actions at Zesto show a side of Trump that people rarely see in public, especially because of the media’s abject hatred of the man. 

This wasn’t the anti-establishment, swamp-draining, fiery and crude Donald Trump that people typically see in a political setting. 

This was Donald Trump merely being a normal person, who wanted a chocolate-dipped vanilla ice cream cone and to share a prayer with a hard-working American Christian. 

And finally, while this may have been a look at Trump’s more personal and less political side, it was a clear reminder to his potential rivals that Trump does still have a fairly sizable and devoted support base.

Expect a lot more of Trump and his supporters

There is still a relatively long way to go before November 2024, so you can expect to see more and more of Donald Trump in the coming weeks and months.

Of course we will see the political Trump, with all the fire and brimstone he brings.

There will be rallies and events with tens of thousands of fired up Trump supporters.

And there will be more impromptu visits like the one at Zesto.

Be ready because if there are more stops like this one, with Trump praying with employees at a local restaurant, he will be even tougher to beat as it shores up his support with skeptical evangelical voters.

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