Donald Trump made one promise about what he will do to Joe Biden if he wins in 2024

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2024 looks like it could be a rematch between Donald Trump and Joe Biden.

But the stakes could not be higher.

And Donald Trump made one promise about what he will do to Joe Biden if he wins in 2024.

Donald Trump reacted to the news that the House Oversight Committee uncovered bank records showing the Biden family and associates received more than $21 million from foreign sources.

Trump called the arrangements obvious corruption since the Biden family offered no real services in exchange for the money other than access to then-Vice President Joe Biden.

“It is now 100 percent proven that the Biden crime family received more than $20 million from foreign countries, while crooked Joe was Vice President, and probably a lot more than that. That’s just the money they found,” Trump stated.

“What were they doing getting all of this money?” Trump added.

Trump then explained that Joe Biden’s family raking in all this money from countries like Communist China meant that he was compromised and could not act in the best interests of the United States as President.

“I believe we have a compromised President. He was bribed, and now he’s being blackmailed. He’s a Manchurian Candidate. That’s why Crooked Joe is letting other countries walk all over the United States. He’s afraid to bring it up. He doesn’t want to talk,” Trump continued.

Trump called out Biden for not being tougher on Communist China, like when he allowed a Chinese spy balloon to fly over the entire United States and gather intelligence on military installations.

“He’s petrified of China because they know exactly how much money has been given to him, and they know exactly where it is. China has paid him a fortune,” Trump added.

Trump said the first thing he would do as President is appoint a special Counsel to investigate Joe Biden and his family for these financial arrangements with businesses in foreign countries to determine if any crimes were committed and then proceed with prosecution if the investigation uncovered evidence of wrongdoing.

“As soon as I am re-elected,” Trump said, before adding that “I will appoint a real Special Counsel or maybe you’ll call it a special prosecutor — whatever you want to call it, you can — to look at these bribes, kickbacks, crimes, as well as the shameless attempt at a cover-up. Justice will be done.”

Democrats broke the seal against pursuing former Presidents by running several politically motivated criminal investigations into Donald Trump.

But if Donald Trump wins, he will investigate the very real allegations of corruption and criminality hovering over the Biden family.

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