Donald Trump made one shocking public confession that no one saw coming

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Donald Trump’s penchant for the unexpected shook up the 2024 race.

Trump did the one thing that everyone considered impossible.

And Donald Trump made one shocking public confession that no one saw coming.

Trump’s opponents routinely attack him by claiming he never admits errors or digs in on bad decisions.

The 45th President sought to debunk that narrative in an interview with Fox News Channel’s Sunday Morning Futures.

FBI Director Christopher Wray stands as the avatar for Joe Biden weaponizing the government against conservatives.

On Wray’s watch, the FBI rounded up and arrested pro-life activists last year in what critics saw as part of a Biden administration effort to boost Democrat turnout ahead of the Midterm elections by scaring voters about Republicans being opposed to abortion on demand.

Wray’s FBI also covered up the Joe Biden bribe allegations and conspired to help Facebook and Twitter censor the Hunter Biden laptop story in the closing stages of the 2020 election.

Wray’s performance before the House Judiciary Committee, where he dug in and refused to acknowledge the FBI’s tattered reputation with the public and defended the Bureau’s illegal spying on Americans communications and bank records, only exacerbated the issue.

But Wray was Donald Trump’s choice to replace James Comey after Trump fired him for his conduct during the Russian-collusion hoax witch hunt.

Host Maria Bartiromo confronted Trump about his selection of Wray to run the FBI and asked him if he made a mistake.

“President Trump reacting to this week’s Judiciary Committee hearing with FBI Director Christopher Wray. I spoke with the 45th President. We started our conversation with a look at the upcoming debate and whether he will participate, and I got his reaction to the FBI Director defending [against] the charges of weaponization and [politicization] at the FBI,” Bartiromo stated.

“Was it a mistake to put Christopher Wray there? I mean, obviously, the FBI is not following any of the things that you’re talking about,” Bartiromo said to Trump.

To the surprise of many, Trump conceded that Wray was a bad choice and that RINO former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie recommended Wray for the position.

“Yeah, sadly, it probably was. You know, he was recommended very strongly by Chris Christie, who’s a sad case. I mean, I watch him. He’s a sad case,” Trump stated.

Donald Trump is running on a platform of draining the Swamp and crushing the Deep State.

Trump acknowledging that he made a mistake with Wray shows he learned from what happened in his first four years in office and would take a different and more aggressive approach towards the Deep State in a potential second term.

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