Donald Trump released one video that will have all hell breaking loose

Donald Trump wanted to shake up the narrative about his 2024 Presidential campaign.

Trump had a few cards to play. 

And Donald Trump released one video that will have all hell breaking loose.

Trump rolled out the first policy proposal of his re-election campaign in a video on Truth Social.

In the video, Trump laid out a number of steps that he would take to protect free speech if he wins re-election.

Trump’s plan included a number of concrete steps, such as firing all government employees who pressured social media companies to take down posts, banning the use of taxpayer funds to label speech as “misinformation” or “disinformation,” cutting off federal funding for universities and nonprofits that advocate for censoring speech, and revising Section 230 of the Communications and Decency Act that grants tech companies immunity from lawsuits and creates their monopoly power.

Free speech and government-supported censorship began to manifest itself as an issue towards the end of Trump’s term.

The FBI met weekly with Twitter Trust and Safety chief Yoel Roth and lied to him about how Russia was planning to dump information about Hunter Biden in October.

This led to Twitter censoring the New York Post’s report on Hunter Biden’s laptop.

Twitter and other social media companies also censored truthful information about COVID, like the fact that masks and lockdowns did nothing to slow the spread of COVID and that the vaccines did not prevent transmission or infection of the virus.

The Biden administration took this to the extreme by creating enemies lists of critics to vaccine mandates, such as journalist Alex Berenson, and then demanding that Facebook censor those accounts.

Donald Trump laid out a plan to end government mandated censorship on Big Tech.

This is the first serious policy proposal to come out of the 2024 election.

It is one that matters a great deal to conservatives who spent the last four year’s living under the boot of the Big Tech censorship cartel.

Trump promised more policy proposals in the weeks to come.

And conservatives will have to wait and see what Trump comes out with next.

Do you support Donald Trump’s free speech plan?