Donald Trump slammed national disgrace Joe Biden for what happened at Queen Elizabeth’s funeral

When Donald Trump was President, America earned a lot more respect than we see these days.

It truly makes a difference to put America First on the world stage. 

And Donald Trump slammed national disgrace Joe Biden for what happened at Queen Elizabeth’s funeral.

Biden was given an exception to other world leaders who had to ride a bus to Westminster Abbey

The Queen’s funeral attracted an audience of over 2,000 dignitaries from around the world.

They expected so many people for her funeral that they ordered world leaders to ride buses to the services.

Joe Biden was the only exception, arriving at the funeral services in the Presidential limousine. 

That’s right, Biden called in a special favor so he wouldn’t have to take the trek in a bus like everyone else. 

But apparently that’s where his special favors ran out.

Biden pushed to the back and given “No Respect!” according to Trump

When Biden got to the funeral service, he was placed 14 rows from the front.

Or about six rows from the back, depending on how you count the rows.

President Biden sat behind the President of Poland and right in front of the Prime Minister of the Czech Republic. 

Clearly not around anyone of significant importance.

Trump took the opportunity to slam Biden and what his administration is doing to the U.S. image overseas. 

“This is what has happened to America in just two short years. No respect! However, a good time for our President to get to know the leaders of certain Third World countries.”

Trump was right to point out the obvious embarrassment that Joe Biden has brought upon our country.

Trump saw the Queen as a patriot who loved her kingdom and her people

Donald Trump always showed great adoration toward the Queen and upon her passing he made many statements memorializing her. 

He especially enjoyed her for “her faithfulness to her country and her unwavering devotion to her fellow countrymen and women.” 

Trump insisted he would’ve had a better seat at the funeral stating, “If I were President, they wouldn’t have sat me back there—and our Country would be much different than it is right now!”

Biden’s treatment was a stark contrast to the time that the Queen encouraged President Trump to walk ahead of her during the inspection of the guard at Windsor Castle. 

Many people attacked Trump for “breaking etiquette” during that event but UK media outlet The Guardian pointed out that the Queen directed Trump ahead of her.

Joe could only celebrate the fact that they gave him an aisle seat in case he needed to get out quickly.

As Trump pointed out later, “In Real Estate, like in Politics and in Life, LOCATION IS EVERYTHING!!!”

Jill and Joe Biden reportedly left after the funeral services prior to the Queen actually being laid to rest. 

It’s like they needed to prove to all Americans what a disgrace the Biden’s are to Americans everywhere.

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