Donald Trump was grinning from ear to ear after Ron DeSantis had this major shake-up

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Donald Trump is currently dominating every Republican Presidential Primary poll. 

His opponents will either have to give up or change their strategy to court more Republican voters. 

But Donald Trump was grinning from ear to ear after Ron DeSantis had this major shake-up. 

Major changes could shake up the already contentious 2024 election

Even with the 2024 election over a year away, voters have a large selection of Presidential candidates to choose from on both sides of the aisle. 

Nearly a dozen Republicans are running for President and several Democrats have stepped up to the plate to try and take down Joe Biden. 

Nonetheless, just about every poll shows that a Donald Trump versus Joe Biden rematch is all but inevitable. 

Many Republicans expected Ron DeSantis to give Donald Trump a run for his money, but the Florida Governor has failed to perform in the polls. 

According to RealClearPolitics, Ron DeSantis has only averaged 15.7% in Republican nomination polls compared to Donald Trump’s average of 53.7%.

In an attempt to revitalize his failing campaign, last week Ron DeSantis replaced his Campaign Manager Generra Peck with James Uthmeier. 

According to the Messenger, “[Peck] quickly became the subject of criticism from DeSantis advisers and donors in mid-July after his Presidential campaign stalled and money dried up.”

Only time will tell whether this major change will yield different results.

However, a leaked memo from the DeSantis campaign shows that they are not very concerned about current polling. 

The memo, which was obtained by NBC News last month, claims that “our focus group participants in the early stages even say they don’t plan on making up their mind until they meet the candidates or watch them debate.” 

It is far too early to judge whether or not these assumptions are accurate, but Americans will not have to wait too much longer, as the Iowa Caucuses are set for January 15. 

Ron DeSantis has not yet named a running mate, which could have the potential to draw in voters who may have otherwise supported Donald Trump or any of the other Republican candidates. 

What Ron DeSantis’ latest move means for the chaotic 2024 election cycle

So far, Ron DeSantis has failed to gain any meaningful traction against Donald Trump in the Republican Primary. 

But there have not been any debates or any forums for DeSantis to effectively separate himself from his opponents. 

It is far too early to tell whether or not DeSantis will pose a legitimate threat to Donald Trump’s chances of winning the Republican nomination. 

However, Donald Trump is facing legal woes placed on him by the Biden administration. 

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