Donald Trump’s Director of National Intelligence just fired a warning shot at the FBI

When it comes to scandals, few are as concerning as the Hunter Biden laptop scandal. 

So far this scandal has revealed an awful lot about the corrupt way the Department of Justice operates, among other startling revelations. 

And Donald Trump’s Director of National Intelligence just fired a warning shot at the FBI.

The Hunter Biden laptop story reaffirms that the FBI cannot be trusted

Right now, the Hunter Biden laptop scandal, and the following censoring of that news story by the FBI, is rocking the nation. 

Thanks to a trove of internal memos and documents released by Twitter’s new boss, Elon Musk, Americans are now aware of the direct role that the FBI and other Department of Justice played in silencing conservatives in the lead-up to the 2020 election. 

And by the day this scandal gets worse and worse for Joe Biden and his goons. 

Most recently, John Ratcliffe who served as Director of National Intelligence under Donald Trump revealed that he sounded the alarm about the Hunter Biden scandal back in 2020, but was silenced. 

John Ratcliffe elaborated on this bombshell claim on Fox News’ Ingraham Angle.

More specifically, Ratcliffe said that “The New York Post broke that story, but I was the one that verified it. I was the one that said, no, despite what a lot of former intelligence officials are saying and Democratic officials like Adam Schiff are saying, it’s not Russian disinformation.” 

He then went on to say “And, unfortunately, what we’ve seen and some of what’s now been talked about in the Twitter files is that there was a suppression, essentially a disinformation campaign on behalf of Joe Biden that involved many people, and as a result, some of that information was suppressed from the American voters, even though, as you correctly point out, Jason, that, as the voice of the intelligence people — or as the voice of the intelligence community.” 

He ended with “I said that this was not Russian disinformation and yet, there was a suppression of that truth and amplification of a lie that it was Russian disinformation.”

If Ratcliffe’s claims are valid, then the FBI clearly acted with political motivation, and ignored calls that indicated that the Hunter Biden story was not misinformation.” 

What these findings could mean for Joe Biden moving forward

These claims from John Ratcliffe prove that the Department of Justice and the FBI played a direct role in silencing and censoring conservatives in the lead-up to the 2020 election. 

The censoring of the New York Post story is shameful.  

Censorship like this has no place in America. 

The scary thing is, the FBI has only gotten worse under Merrick Garland’s watch.  

In fact, Merrick Garland has already gone to extreme lengths to intimidate and silence Trump and other conservatives already. 

The second that Republicans officially take control of the House of Representatives, they must launch an investigation into this matter immediately. 

Americans deserve to know why their FBI is acting more like the Soviet KGB than America’s top law enforcement agency.

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