Donald Trump’s jaw hit the floor when Joe Biden was caught up in this huge scandal

Democrats spent years weaponizing the federal government against Donald Trump.

That backfired on them in spectacular fashion.

And Donald Trump’s jaw hit the floor when Joe Biden was caught up in this huge scandal.

President Joe Biden finds himself in the middle of another major scandal after it was revealed that he took classified documents with him from his time as Vice President.

10 classified documents were discovered at the Penn Biden Center for Diplomacy and Global Engagement, a think tank founded by Biden.

The documents were discovered by attorneys for Biden on November 2 last year, just days before the Midterm elections.

The attorneys notified the National Archives, the federal agency in charge of historical records, who then contacted the Justice Department and now the FBI is involved in the investigation.

Attorney General Merrick Garland was forced to assign a U.S. Attorney in Chicago to investigate why Biden was in possession of classified material nearly six years after the end of Barack Obama’s Presidency.

CNN reported that some of the classified documents include top-secret files classified as “sensitive compartmented information” on Iran and Ukraine.

This was the same time that Hunter Biden was appointed to the board of Ukrainian energy company Burisma that paid him millions for a no-show job despite having no experience in the energy industry. 

That classification designation means that the documents have highly sensitive information that was obtained from intelligence agencies. 

The Justice Department is reviewing the material and could potentially bring criminal charges and the appointment of a special counsel.

Biden’s latest scandal comes after the Justice Department launched another political witch hunt against former President Donald Trump for allegedly taking classified documents with him from the White House to his home at Mar-A-Lago.

Trump insists that he had the Presidential authority to declassify the information in his possession, the Vice President has no such power.

Attorney General Garland used the situation to launch an FBI raid on Mar-A-Lago last August and to appoint a special counsel to investigate Trump. 

While Democrats spent last fall targeting Trump over taking classified documents, Joe Biden was sitting on classified documents from his time in the Obama regime the whole time.

This revelation will make it extremely awkward for the Justice Department to try and potentially charge Trump for taking classified documents.

Sweeping this under the rug while charging Trump would reek of political bias.

Biden tried to attack Trump over taking classified documents last year saying he was “totally irresponsible.”

“How that could possibly happen? How one – anyone could be that irresponsible?” Biden said in an interview last September on 60 Minutes.

Rep. James Comer (R-KY) slammed Biden and said the House Oversight Committee that he chairs would be looking into the incident.

“President Biden has been very critical of President Trump mistakenly taking classified documents to the residence or wherever and now it seems he may have done the same,” Comer said. “How ironic.”

Joe Biden’s latest scandal created a nightmare for the Justice Department and the White House to handle. 

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