Donald Trump’s latest pledge will make Biden’s blood boil

President Trump and Joe Biden have been attacking each other like the 2020 Presidential election never happened.

And thankfully for Trump, Biden’s failing Presidency has given him plenty of material to work with.

So much so that Trump recently made a pledge that will make Biden madder than a wet hen.

Crises, crises everywhere

During a recent event, President Trump took to the mic to mock Biden for his failing Presidency.

“One of the greatest travesties of all this is to see a person in the White House who even after years of political experience, has absolutely no clue how to be the President of the United States,” Trump said.

While blunt, the former President is right on the money with his evaluation of Biden’s Presidency.

Much to the Democrats’ chagrin, Joe Biden has actually gotten very little accomplished as President of the United States.

Joe Biden and Kamala Harris made multiple attempts to overhaul America’s election laws and rig them to favor Democrats, only to have two members of his own party refuse to listen to Biden’s promises and threats.

The humanitarian crisis at the southern border has only gotten worse since Biden took office.

The recent and continuing baby formula crisis caught Biden completely off guard because his own administration only told him about it until AFTER it had already happened.

The President’s “plan” to bring down inflation, if you can call it a plan, is to wait and see what the Federal Reserve does with interest rates and hope they don’t tank the economy.

And that is to say nothing of Joe Biden’s remarkable tone-deafness on gas prices as he recently told reporters, “My mother had an expression: out of everything lousy, something good will happen. We have a chance to make a fundamental turn toward renewable energy, electric vehicles, and across the board.”

While that is a staggeringly stupid thing to say, especially since his administration is actively making it harder for companies to produce more energy in America, at least the American people are wising up to his act.

As a result, Biden’s approval rating has fallen for a fourth straight week to thirty six percent and has stayed below fifty percent since August.

Donald Trump’s pledge to America

However, that is not the only thing to have hurt Joe Biden recently.

Along with his polling numbers, Biden also fell . . . off his bike while vacationing in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware.

Of course, when something like that happens to one of President Trump’s opponents, you know he’s going to comment on it.

And during that previously mentioned speech, President Trump told a large crowd of his adoring supporters, “I hope he has recovered, because as you know he fell off his bicycle today. No, I’m serious, I hope he’s okay. Fell off a bicycle. I make this pledge to you today: I will never, ever ride a bicycle.”

Whether or not President Donald Trump was serious about this pledge remains to be seen.

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