Don’t think you’ll be safe from these massive creatures just because you’re on a boat

Photo by Vova Kras from Pexels

For many, summer means chartering a fishing trip out to the middle of the ocean with the guys.

While you’re out there, it’s likely that you will get a chance to see some sharks up close and personal.

But don’t think you’ll be safe from these massive creatures just because you’re on a boat.

Two fisherman decide to get in the way of a bull shark’s cobia dinner

A Florida fisherman just caught drone footage of what might be the greatest fish tale of his life. Just in time for Shark Week, Josh Jorgensen managed to record some incredible footage of a shark attacking his friend’s boat. 

Jorgensen, a professional videographer who specializes in fishing videos, was recording aerial footage when a bull shark approached his friend Car Torresson’s boat near Palm Beach, Florida. Once the shark approached the boat, it began violently attacking, and it didn’t stop for anything.

The fishermen were using the drone to look for fish when they spotted two large cobia swimming in the blue water alongside a massive bull shark.  “Cobia is one of the best tasting fish in the ocean,” Jorgensen said. “So, I called my buddy Carl, and he raced over to try to catch them.”

The shark attacked the boat eight times before finally backing off

“I was following his boat with my drone, and then, all of a sudden, the shark attacked his engines,” Jorgensen recalled. The video showed the shark diving after the boat’s stern and ramming into the motors while thrashing about. The boat rocked with every hit from the massive creature.

“The shark attacked the boat five times, swam away, and then came back for more,” Jorgensen said, before adding that “in total, the shark attacked Carl’s boat eight times.” Even the veteran fishermen didn’t know what was happening and described it as something out of a Hollywood film.

“I didn’t think a shark could actually shake a boat like that,” Torresson said. He described the boat as “shaking like a bag of popcorn” and said he was confused until he realized it was “a shark doing it.” He said he felt like he was on “a ride from Universal Studios.”

Torresson was even more blown away when they returned to shore where he could assess the damage.

The boat was salvageable, but the damage was “astronomical”

“We’re thinking, you know, maybe he grabbed the propeller,” Torresson said, before adding that “we weren’t expecting the damage that we had when we got back to the dock, and it was just astronomical. The whole middle of the engine’s completely ripped out. The trim tabs broken.”

While Torresson’s boat was damaged, Jorgenson told The Palm Beach Post that “the engine was salvageable,” but “Carl had to buy new parts for it.” Before they know it, the two friends will be back out on the water, but hopefully next time they will be more cautious.

Bull sharks are known to be aggressive towards humans, and it is recommended to stay out of their way when they are hunting for food. They are one of three sharks that fishermen should be wary of when out on the water.

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