Elder abuse is the accusation after one NFL player did this to a grandma during a charity baseball game

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A week doesn’t go by without another gut wrenching story about an NFL player harming others. 

But this is even a new low for the National Felons League.

And elder abuse is the accusation after one NFL player did this to a grandma during a charity baseball game.

National Felons League

The NFL is known for many things. 

For one, it’s the biggest sports league in America.

No other league even comes close to its profits and viewership ratings.

The NFL is also the go-to league for many families, as generations have cheered on the same team through the ups and downs. 

But not everything is rainbows and unicorns in the NFL. 

Most people seem to forget that the National Football League is also known as the National Felons League. 

A week doesn’t go by where we don’t hear about a story of an NFL player getting arrested. 

Since 2000, 14 NFL teams have had over 30 players arrested. 

The Minnesota Vikings have had 57 arrests on the team since 2000.

With an average roster size of 53, this is over two players arrested per year.

And now some are claiming that the NFL has a new criminal in its midst, but others are claiming that he is just having some fun.

Is this elder abuse?

John Kelly Jr. is the 5th string running back for the Cleveland Browns.

Kelly Jr. is a product of the University of Tennessee and has a few years of NFL experience under his belt. 

Even though he has been in the NFL for a few years now and even was a part of the Super Bowl contending 2018 Los Angeles Rams, Kelly Jr.’s 15 minutes of fame is coming from what he did off the field this past week.

Cleveland Browns tight end David Njoku held a charity softball game this past weekend that included some of the biggest names in the NFL.

Travis Kelce, Myles Garrett, Nick Chubb, and even former star Dez Bryant played in the charity game. 

At some point during the game, a grandma was up to bat.

She was lobbed the ball and she shockingly hit it.

As you would imagine, she was rather slow scooting up the first base line. 

But fans were excited because it looked like John Kelly Jr. at first was going to actually let her get on base even though he had the ball in his hand. 

But after making grandma go all the way to first, Kelly Jr. tagged the base for the easy out at the last second. 

The man wouldn’t even let her get a base hit in a charity game.

But some are arguing that he actually did the right thing. 

The only thing worse for grandma would be watching her try to play the bases off first.

Can you imagine if she got the call to steal second base? 

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