Election SURPRISE: major arrest looming in massive voting scandal

The 2022 Midterm elections were once again filled with controversy.

Now all hell is about to break loose.

And a major arrest is looming in this massive voting scandal.

Arizona’s messy election process creates chaos

Kari Lake is contesting her 17,000-vote loss to Democrat Katie Hobbs in the Arizona Gubernatorial Election.

Lake’s point of contention revolves around voting machine tabulators breaking down in 48 percent of Maricopa County’s voting centers on Election Day.

Since most Republicans vote on Election Day, Lake claimed this amounted to massive voter suppression, as voters were left unsure how to cast ballots or if they would be properly counted.

In an appearance on Turning Point USA founder Charlie Kirk’s podcast, Kari Lake warned that officials in conservative counties were being pressured to certify the election results under duress.

“I know in Cochise County they’re threatening to not certify and they’ve got these, you know, dirty attorneys with the Democrat party down there threatening them. And Katie Hobbs, the Secretary of State, is threatening them — threatening them to certify what they know to be a bad election because she wants to steal this,” Lake stated.

Certify election results – or else

Former Arizona Attorney General Terry Goddard released a letter to current Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich demanding that he order police to arrest any official who refused to certify the Gubernatorial election results.

An official in Mohave County said he was told that law enforcement would arrest him unless he voted to certify the election.

Lake did express optimism that the Sheriff in Cochise County would not arrest anyone for delaying certification of the election results.

“Well, the Sheriff’s Department,” Lake added. “I don’t think the Sheriff’s Department in Mohave County would really arrest Ron Gould if he would’ve said, ‘No, I’m not going to certify this.’ And I don’t think the Sheriff’s Department run under Mark Dannels down in Cochise County, a true patriot, is going to arrest somebody who says, ‘I’m not gonna certify this because the election’s a mess.’”

Lake complained that the Election Day incompetence in Maricopa County disenfranchised hundreds of thousands of voters since the machine tabulators breaking down left many residents confused as to how to cast their ballots, which Lake claims caused them to give up and go home.

“And hundreds of thousands potentially were disenfranchised. So I hope somebody somewhere — we need a few more people to step up and be incredibly courageous in this gap right now,” Lake concluded.

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