Elizabeth Warren is eating her words after seeing a new poll about her favorite talking point

Ever since the Supreme Court of the United States overturned Roe v. Wade, radical leftists have been running around like chickens with their heads cut off. 

They’re rioting, vandalizing, threatening, calling to pack the High Court, and trying to design legislative and executive ways to ignore the Supreme Court ruling. 

But a new poll is now contradicting an argument Elizabeth Warren has been making to excuse the Left’s insane behavior. 

The real “Big Lie”

Democrat Sen. Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts, and her fellow Democrat politicians have been reciting a bogus stat about the overwhelming majority of Americans liking Roe v. Wade and supporting abortion. 

“Nearly 70% of the country wants abortion to remain legal,” you’ll hear the failed Presidential candidate and her colleagues claim. 

However, the poll they’re citing offered respondents a broad question with only narrow options. 

A new poll, from Monmouth has just been released, with more credible questions, and the findings will have Pocahontas eating her words. 

American’s views on abortion are complex

The fact is, according to the Monmouth survey, a majority of Americans oppose a new law codifying abortion into federal law. 

When you add the 44% of respondents who said they want states to decide abortion laws, to the 7% who would prefer a national ban on abortion, 51% are against a national abortion legalization effort. 

Only 46% say they’re in favor of such legislation – with another 3% undecided. 

In other words, 54% of Americans are against Sen. Warren and the far-Left’s plans to push for a national abortion bill – and that’s before they know the Democrat’s plan call for abortion through all nine months of pregnancy, for any reason and at taxpayer expense. 

None of those three details have garnered majority support in any recent polling.  

According to the Monmouth poll, it is true, 60% of respondents say they disagree with the Supreme Court of the Untied State’s ruling overturning Roe v. Wade and returning abortion decision to state legislatures. 

However, David Harsanyi, a reporter for The Federalist has an explanation for that number. 

“After 50-years of cultural and political indoctrination about abortion ‘rights,’ it’s almost surely the case that a large part of that 60% of voters barely have any idea what Roe entailed,” Harsanyi wrote. “Or, any legal arguments for why it shouldn’t be overturned, or much understanding of what its demise means.”

Democrats are believing their own abortion hype

Furthermore, even a recent NPR push poll – designed to result in positive findings for the Democrat narrative – only a third of respondents said they were in favor of expanding the Supreme Court – 54% percent said they oppose that move.

That number includes 57% of independents who don’t want to see President Joe Biden and the Democrat-controlled Senate stack the court with more justices. 

And Democrats like Warren and President Biden aren’t talking about the landmark Hill-HarrisX survey from 2019, which examined American attitudes towards the Republican-sponsored heartbeat bill. 

The fact is, the poll found American believe 55% of American believe a six-week ban on abortions is either just right or too lenient – only 45% said barring abortions after the detection of a heartbeat would be too restrictive. 

Should abortion be codified into law, even if it means getting rid of the filibuster?