Elizabeth Warren left jaws on the ground after she made one of her craziest remarks yet

When it comes to the Left, even your average liberal these days is a far-left extremist. 

Now more than any time in recent memory, the Left has become radicalized and they are on a crusade to turn America into a socialist nation. 

But Elizabeth Warren left jaws on the ground after she made one of her craziest remarks yet. 

The radicalization of the Left in America

Over the last decade or so, the Left has become more radicalized than at any other point in modern American history. 

Instead of (claiming) to be the party of the working man, the leftists have embarked on an all out crusade to transform America into a “woke” socialist nation. 

And at this point, it is virtually impossible to keep up with the Left, because they become exponentially more crazy by the day. 

The latest cause that has them riled up is abortion, especially following the landmark Dobbs decision which overturned Roe v. Wade

For proof of just how unhinged the Left has become, just look at what avowed socialist Senator Elizabeth Warren just said. 

When talking about pro-life crisis pregnancy centers, Warren made the wildly false claim that they are “torturing women.” 

She then went on to tell NBC 10 Boston, “In Massachusetts right now, those crisis pregnancy centers that are there to fool people who are looking for pregnancy termination help outnumber true abortion clinics by three to one” 

Top leftist politicians are declaring a war on life

This false idea that these pro-life crisis pregnancy centers, which offer alternatives to abortions, are somehow misleading people and torturing them is not just untrue, but it is dangerous. 

Following the Dobbs decision, hundreds of these life-saving crisis pregnancy centers were subject to vandalism and terrorist attacks from the Left, and now it is obvious as to what is provoking these attacks.

Whether it be Senator Chuck Schumer calling for a revolution, or former White House Press Secretary calling for people to protest outside of Supreme Court Justice’s homes, or even these outlandish comments from Elizabeth Warren, left-wing politicians are declaring a war on life. 

These dangerous comments from the top brass of the Democrat Party are fueling hatred and violence, and many Americans are living in fear for being pro-life. 

But it is not just crisis pregnancy centers that are subject to attacks, churches have also been targeted by the far-left. 

In the immediate aftermath of the Dobbs decision, shameless pro-abortion protestors were seen protesting church services and vandalizing churches across the nation. 

Not only does this impede people’s right to freely exercise their religion, but it is a disgusting and shameful thing to do. 

Evidently, there is nothing more important to the radical Left than having an ability to murder their own unborn children. 

The sad part is, that much of this terrorism and violence for the Left is largely going unnoticed due to the Fake News Media refusing to cover most of it. 

In order to send a clear message to these disgusting pro-abortion advocates, Americans need to show up in force in November so that people like Chuck Schumer and Elizabeth Warren cannot call the shots in Washington, D.C. 

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